“Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure.” – Earl

In auto-biographical books you may see the words “I am often told how lucky I am to be so successful; but I always reply: ‘No, I haven’t been lucky, I have worked very hard for my success! The harder I worked, the ‘luckier’ I became!’”

It depends how committed you are at having the outcome you desire. If you are willing to work full out, give of your best, not only in the times when you feel energized and alive, but also when you feel despondent and half dead; then you will be giving yourself every chance to succeed.

I was once becoming a little despondent myself, I didn’t seem to be getting any where particularly fast and a friend said to me “Andrew, don’t worry – Rome wasn’t built in a day!” I immediately thought to myself, “No, it wasn’t, but Rome was built!” I took and still take great comfort in the knowledge, that however big the projects that I take on. They can be achieved, as long as I decide to never give up.

Tenacity, determination and that “never give up attitude” are not the hallmarks of failures! Luck, if there is such a thing, comes to us when our actions prove how deserving we are of it! So each day keep taking simple steps towards your intended success and keep in mind that those who fail will always have excuses that satisfy themselves why it is they aren’t successful.