Love Will Be Your Hallmark


Written © Copyright 2016

By Andrew Paul Smith 15-04-2016

Our mother tongue and those we have learned
All express our thinking
Our feelings and beliefs
Eloquence of expression though
Needs eloquence of hearing
The words you use to describe
The concepts of your imagination
May not correspond to mine

Over 600,000 words in the dictionary
All clearly defined there
And yet my vocabulary stretches
Only to about 25,000
Most of us use less than 2,000 different words
In our regular conversations

We speak best from a place of love
Even when misunderstood
When the language we use
Doesn’t reflect the use of vocabulary
Of the listener
If we speak from heart of love
Then we still communicate well

I have spent many hours disagreeing
About words & ill explained concepts
What a stupid waste of time!
Love doesn’t need an explanation
It is easily understood
So speak love and be at peace

Don’t spend time expressing anger or fear,
Spend your time feeling and expressing love
And after all isn’t that who you are?
Who you were always meant to be?
And who you would like to be remembered as?

Move on from the conflicts of your life
Imagine the you that you want to become
Hold that vision fast
And love will be your hallmark
And your life will be a fulfilled one
Love is the answer!