Love Revolution, Get Yours Today!



“I have a dream that one day people will wake up and judge their politicians not by the colour of their rosettes but by the content of their character!” – Andrew Paul Smith

As we fast approach seven and a quarter billion people on Planet Earth it is my contention that there are almost 7.25 billion belief systems in existence! No one sees the world the way you do, that is why we call ourselves “individuals!” I took a political test recently to find out where I fit into the political matrix this survey defines your politics by asking certain question and then you get plotted onto their political views graph.


Was I right wing or left wing, was I libertarian or authoritarian? When I got my result, I was glad to be in the same quadrant as Nelson Mandela, Gandhi and The Dalai Lama, but I must admit to NOT liking being defined! I got an email a couple of years back which assumed my religious affiliation and then went on to vilify me for holding this imagined faith of mine. I felt similarly concerned that I was being pigeon holed (incorrectly too) and then my supposed belief system destroyed in my email box.

Some say our world is being taken to the brink of war in the Ukraine because of the “invasion” of the Crimea by Russia, and yet when I watch RT (Russia Today) News Channel I hear a different viewpoint being expressed. It seems to me that what we should be concentrating on, are the things we agree about, rather than the things which separate us. It is surely most healthy that we are all allowed within our lifetime to express and maybe later change our opinions on as many subjects as possible.


However, to be entrenched and dogmatic about one political party or system over another is asking for trouble. To have religious views which separate “us” from “them” has never been helpful to life on earth. As an Evangelical Christian I wanted the entire world to ask Jesus into their hearts, as a left wing libertarian I could set myself up in opposition to some of the economic and political expression of human beings. I could have a Cold War of my own towards many of my fellow human beings.

As I walked away from the fellowship of the local church disappointed and bewildered, I saw myself in a minority of one. I had previously thought that I was surrounded by like-minded individuals who saw the world the way I did, but I was mistaken. The truth was that we are all in a minority of one and as wonderful as it is to be surrounded by those who agree with our world view, the challenge is this: “To love our “enemies” and to do good to those who hate you and despitefully use you!”


It is good to have opinions, but it is not good to be opinionated! In this dualism we call life for us to hold the views that we do, must also mean that there are those who will see the world the opposite way to us. Rather than finding people who agree with us and at then attempt to take over the world by proselytising and coercing people to agree with us, wouldn’t it be better to find out what are the things we all agree with despite our many and varied opinions?

We were challenged “to owe no-one nothing, except to love one another.” Love is the only universal constant, and the only answer to the world’s problems! We must allow others to have their views on politics and religion; but when it comes to our behaviour, we must find the words and actions that best display love! It seems to be the teaching of all religious leaders and yet their followers end up hating those who don’t see the world the way their faith has taught them it should be.



Narrow mindedness leads to all kinds of tension, hatred and even war; we need to attempt to accept that there is more than our way of seeing the world and that although we may have come to our view in a logical and coherent way, it could be possible to draw other conclusions had we approached the subject being discussed from a different point of view. As the French say “vive la difference” we must learn to celebrate our differences and love those who take a different view!

“Hatred is a form of love!” I hear someone say. Ah well, I think I agree with you, if you mean that hating someone means you are emotionally involved with what they are saying and doing? I am not suggesting that we see hatred and love as two sides of the coin here though; instead I would like you, dear reader, to consider the opposite of love to be fear! What we fear we distrust, but if we can embrace all humanity with love, then our fears will melt away!



Love is the answer; it always has been and always will be! We are all capable of love, not just love for those who love us, but also for those who treat us badly and even make our lives and the lives of those we love miserable. We have tried to live in a world which seeks supremacy for certain religious, political and economic philosophies and each has had their successes and failures; maybe it’s time to unilaterally decided to love everyone (please note I did not say their actions) instead?

It’s got to be worth trying out in your lives and mine, not so we can all agree, but so we can all live in peace and security. If we lead by example, others will follow. Most of us are sick and tired of being told to “do as I say, not as I do!” it’s time to end the pontificating and to become the change we want to see in the world. The answer is love; but you and I are the only ones who can deliver its power to the people we meet. Maybe today you could have your own Love Revolution?”


Love and light to you from Andrew 🙂 ♥

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The world population clock read 7,236,482,400 yesterday when I looked