Love and Hate



There are many forces at work within the human world, many agendas and firmly held beliefs as to the best way for human society to emerge and evolve. There are those whose actions inspire light and those who bring darkness upon their fellow human beings.

I believe the majority desire a peaceful world for their children and grandchildren to grow up in. They believe that tolerance of other’s ideas and choosing love over fear, is the best way forward for us all, and that compromise and diplomacy trump the weapons of war.

Sadly there are others who are willing to use their bodies as weapons to bring sadness and destruction to innocent lives in the vain hope that their philosophies will ensue. And yet … each time such atrocities happen we see a beautiful outpouring of love.

The rocky road we’re on leads to the best in us and not to the worst. It is extremely sad for those whose lives are torn apart by the actions of a small number of misguided souls. So, what should be our response to such events?

3005 Love Revolution

We must hold fast to the principles of a revolution brought about by love, not one motivated by or responding to fear! As we hold love in our hearts, even for the misguided, we will experience a world defined by light and not darkness.

Darkness has never understood¬†the ability¬†of light to completely remove it, and hate hasn’t EVER overcome love’s powerful nature! I am a proponent and activist for love and light; you may think I’m naive, but I hope for the sake of the world’s children you’ll agree.