Love Alchemy


Did you know that we all came here to express love, for love’s story to be told? We can be the source of our own or other people’s heartbreaks, but if the one whose heartbreak it is tells the story, it will contain a part which says how much they loved their special someone.

In the duality, there has to be two sides to everything, and as they say it is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all. The true alchemist doesn’t turn things into gold, but into something much more valuable … LOVE!

If you are living with a broken heart right now, it is good to celebrate the wonderful experience of love you knew; but I have a challenge for you: Are you an alchemist who can turn the saddest heartbreak story, into love? Maybe there’s a new take on the eternal story of love you can find in this moment?

Turn it all into love! May love be yours and my experience every day!