Light Upon My Shadows



Written and © Copyright 2011
By Andrew Paul Smith 16-12-2011

You are the light upon my shadows
You are the joy inside of me
You are my shield and my deliverer
From all the things that I cannot see

You bring me love and satisfaction
You bring me hope and security
You bring me all I ever wanted
And you’re the one who sets my spirit free

You mean much more to me than jewels
You mean much more to me than gold
You mean much more than I imagined
That a friend could, living on a distant shore

You’re the far away one that’s near me
You’re the apple of my eye
You’re the one who sits and holds me
When I’m alone, and start to cry

You make me feel alive and happy
You make my life’s passion know no bounds
You make a man who has never known it
Know he’s now home and now on solid ground