Life Is Like A Game Of Strategy!

staunton chess


“Success is 20% skills and 80% strategy. You might know how to read, but more importantly, what’s your plan to read?” – Jim Rohn

Strategy is something most people just don’t think of! So I ask you, have you ever played chess? I used to play as a young child; it was shown to me as the next step up from draughts (or checkers as some people call it). I thought I was quite good at it until I entered a chess competition at school and was beaten in what’s known as “fools-mate”’s_mate As they say there’s one thing worse than not knowing and that is thinking that you know when you really don’t!

Like chess, when you are planning a strategy for your life, you need to think what are the possibilities of what will happen next if you do this or that? It’s not enough to know how to move the pieces around the chess board (I’d mastered that part of the game quite well); you also need to know what moves your opponent is likely to take after you move. Life isn’t as easy and straight-forward as we often imagine or would like it to be.

The masters of the game of chess can not only think four or five moves ahead and that depending on the various possible moves of their opponent, but can also remember other games they have played in and the games of other famous chess players; that’s why they are called “Masters!” In the game of life, strategy counts and the way to learn is personally and on the job! Research is good, but life experience is better, because we remember it so much more easily, when it happened to us!

Being able to read is one thing, but reading books is something quite different! It’s worth pointing out, that doing research into whatever it is that you personally want to master will dictate which books you must read. My study of Personal Development and Self-Help books, although I didn’t realise it at the time, was preparing me to be able to coach others about the best strategies to use when pursuing their goals and to be able to write these “Daily Insights” of mine.