Letting Go


What this question is asking is: “Are you attached to the outcome?” Are you someone who always wants things to happen in a certain way? Do you attempt to control situations and people? Do you want it all to go your way?

If you do, then you will have such a stressful life micromanaging your day. It may be relatively easy to let go of some things rather than others. After all some things seem more important to you, don’t they? These are the very situations that you need to let go of most.

The things that are hurting you right now, the appearance of lack in your life, the possible pain like bereavement that may happen if something important is no longer under your control? Well, to let go of that would demand faith, wouldn’t it?

The Charles Dickens character Mr Micawber was a man of faith, his catch-phrase was “Something will turn up!” My Dad had his own version of this phrase: he used to say to me; “It’ll all work out, you’ll see!” I often think of it.

Life is a struggle, until you let go and have faith. I remember walking away from the hospital that December night after my father died and thinking how everything in his life right to the end, had as he had expected and predicted, “all worked out” for him and those who loved him, perfectly.