Keep Unattached

180114 aps

There’s nothing much we can do
Except to try to keep unattached 
… from the outcomes this world brings to us

It’s not to say we shouldn’t care
For the life that we find here
And love that surrounds us and lies within
Nothing but love matters
So let not your peace be shattered
For we have no control of what happens
In the external world

Why worry about tomorrow
Or dwell on this days sorrows
Or what you had to borrow
All will be well
And peace alone will tell
It’s story in your heart
If you will listen

Breathe out and then breathe in
Let your life renewed begin again
Unattached from your egos desires
Dwell on eternal love
And know you’re the hand inside the glove
That your soul and not your body is your life

Whatever comes your way
Say to yourself “I’ll smile today!”
Unattached from the sorrows in your mind
Live from your spirit and
Eternal life you will inherit
Let yourself be reborn from above