“Keep On Keeping On!” A Third Collection Of Inspirational Poems

keep on keeping on Vol 3 poems collection

To Buy My Third Collection Of Inspirational Poetry Please Click Here

If you have liked reading the Inspirational Poems I post on a Friday (the last one was posted yesterday which was a Saturday – because I included an article about my Father’s experiences on and around D Day 6th June 1944) you may be interested in purchasing this collection of self penned inspirational poetry called “Keep On Keeping On!”

In my lifetime I have written over 800 poems and maybe a quarter of them have an inspirational feel to them. This collection was written in a three year period from August through October 2010.

Here are a further 35 poems written as I begin my life of inspiring, challenging and encouraging people with my own articles and quotes on Facebook, other Social Media and beyond. Many were written as a result of conversations I had with people on Facebook on subjects that were concerning them

Each Friday I will share another of my inspirational poems with you, but why wait till Friday for just £1.99 you can start reading the third volume of them today. To be poetically inspired, challenged and encouraged each day for more than a month look no further than my collection of inspirational poetry.