“Keep Moving On” – A Collection Of Inspirational Poems

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 To Buy My First Collection Of Inspirational Poetry Please Click Here

If you have liked reading my Friday Inspirational Poem, you may be interested in purchasing my first collection of self penned inspirational poetry called “Keep Moving On” so named after the poem I posted here three weeks ago.

In my lifetime I have written over 800 poems and maybe a quarter of them have an inspirational feel to them. This collection serves as a diary of my thoughts during the transition I made from Accounts Manager at a local building firm to becoming a fully qualified Life Coach back in 2006.

I originally self published this as a A5 booklet in August 2006 but the pdf version contains poems not included in the original collection which I had initially intended to replace some of the originals. With other poetry collections to come, this first pdf book contains 35 poems to help inspire your day.

Each Friday I will share another of my inspirational poems with you, but why wait till Friday for just £0.99 you can start reading a whole volume of them today. To be poetically inspired, challenged and encouraged each day for more than a month look no further than this little collection of inspirational poetry.