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What motivates us all is our future potential happiness. No matter what it is that we tell us will give us those feelings, a house, a car, a holiday; a bigger house, a better car, a foreign holiday, in the end analysis we just want to feel good.

And yet, when eventually if we are successful with our pursuits, the question is: “Where will that feeling of happiness come from?” The answer is that although affected by outside circumstances of personal possession, the feeling itself will come from within us.

In fact we have access to the feeling of happiness right now, it’s just that we’ve put it on hold till the future date when we achieve our goal or goals. What a foolish thing to do! To deny ourselves the happiness we deserve and possess in this sacred divine moment called now!

The desired possessions we are seeking are the reason we are not happy now! Possession itself is a lie, in reality the material universe is an illusion created by lots of individuals seeking their own way. It is in contentment and silence, in the larger world of BEING, not doing or achieving that true happiness exists!

So, stop on your journey to happiness today and take a moment out with me, just to be happy!