Is Your View Of Yourself Too Small?



“You are not a drop in the ocean … You are the entire ocean in a drop!”

There are a few quotations that have really made me think and this is one of them.

As a young lad growing up I was taught to “not get too big for my boots” and that “no one likes a big head!”

As a result, I have attempted to become humble and to consider the needs and wants of others, which is not a bad thing.

However, this quote when I first read it, suggested to me that maybe I’d gone too far and I needed to balance my thinking.

If the universe is holographic in nature as this quote says, then I can never get too big for my boots because I am everything.

Also if I appear big headed it is only because other people’s view of themselves is too small! Think big! Act big! You are divinity personified.