Introduction To Dream Reality!


Introduction To “Dream Reality!”

All our dreams can come true, if we “have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

A little while ago in an article I wrote called “Running On Empty” I promised you that I would be sharing “how things can and will change for you, as they are beginning to change for me” in the financial area of my life!

I am constantly reading articles and books and through the Facebook Group I run called: “Be Inspired!” I too am being challenged by what others post there. I believe that through my openness to new ideas and the conclusions I have drawn from my recent studies I am now able to share something of real value with you.

Despite what I have to say being applied to my life in the area of money; I believe the series of articles that will follow under this title of “Dream Reality!” will help us all with each and every area of our lives, whether it be Health, Relationships, Career, Money, Spiritual or Emotional. So here goes!

When we go to sleep we dream, and in those dreams we create characters and situations that exist for the purpose of our dreams. The outcome of the dream will always be based on the expectations we have of the way those people will act and how those situations will work out.

We are the authors of our dreams and as such we determine what happens in our dreams. Our scariest dreams are based on our feelings (within the dream) of a lack of control and the good dreams are constructed of the thoughts which we have in the dream, when we feel that anything is possible.

So what I am trying to express by the phrase “Dream Reality!” is that I believe our waking life is a dream too which we will wake up from when we die, with the same “Oh it was only a dream” expression that we use each morning we wake up and can still remember the dream just ended.

“Dream Reality!” is a concept and a command. I want us to first look further at the implications and applications of my statement that “our waking life is a dream too” and then eventually to consider how we can benefit from the knowledge that it is possible to follow the command to “Dream Reality!”

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