Inner Dialogue

0034 - Man In The Mirror

Inner Dialogue

Written and © Copyright 2006
By Andrew Paul Smith 01-03-2006


What words do you say to yourself
In the silent world within
Do you speak of contentment and joy
Or do you not know where to begin

You may not think it’s important
What daily goes on in your mind
But to show this world some love
You need to yourself to be kind

Positive / Negative thinking
Are not what they may seem to be
Psychobabble and ra ra hope
Is not at all what I see

I believe that whether you order
You thoughts in a particular way
That nevertheless what goes on in your mind
Will affect all you do and say

Observe yourself when you think
You’ll discover the reality you make
A life full of fun and contentment
Is your choice and no-one else’s mistake