Imagine Peace!

Imagine Peace 01


“All we are saying is GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!” – John Lennon 

Have you ever wondered why people put themselves in harm’s way to stop another human being from being injured or worse? Many live to tell the tale of how they are not really a hero, they just did “what any other person would have done in the same set of circumstances!” It seems to me that there is no logical reasoning for this type of selfless behaviour and yet it is far from uncommon!

We all must have a default setting which is part of our human nature that is predisposed to living and caring for all humanity. Often these acts of kindness are performed for family and friends, but sometimes they are done for complete strangers. The desire to make a difference has the power to override our self-interest and persuade us to act heroically!

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Ask anyone who witnesses such an event or is the recipient of these super-human acts and they will tell you how brave and wonderful the person who did it, was in that moment. So what is it that turns a person wrapped up in their own cares and worries into a saviour?

It’s almost like such people found a switch that turned off their concerns for themselves and their lives to be able to perform a heroic act. And if it is possible to do that in an emergency, maybe we could find a way to do it regularly in order to be able to make the world a better place?

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Right now there are two different groups in Ukraine who are protecting their own rights and freedoms along with those who agree with their view. Many people across the globe are taking sides with the point of view which is in their country or ethnic group’s interest.

So, what if instead both sides of this dispute along with many other such disputes that exist in our world were to switch off their concerns for themselves and instead try to find a way to save the day and help those in peril instead?

Imagine Peace 04

We are capable of such acts as individuals, of that there is no doubt! Whether we are capable of doing this as communities whose desire is to have our ideas rule the day is uncertain! However, it may not only be necessary to do so, but it may have already become our only means of preventing global warfare, along with the annihilation of ours and many other species of life on Planet Earth!

Imagine Peace 05

Maybe this is the way to be able to finally GIVE PEACE A CHANCE in the long term? And maybe the most potent way of us successfully and collectively imagining peace?

Love and light to you, all those we love, and those we find it a challenge to love, from Andrew


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