I Am Transcending (Poem)

170826 by Andrew Paul Smith

I am awakening
It’s not that I was previously unaware
My consciousness is now prevailing
I am transcending

I am at peace
I have been a man whose passions
Have led him in the past
Whose emotions controlled him

I was distraught
Then suddenly calm came to me
Instead of being the calm
I was surrounded by it

I have analysed till my thoughts
Robbed me of my peace
And now as I begin to transcend
The duality is turning into oneness

I am entering a moment of satori
I hope my emotions and mind
Will never take over again
But if they do I will have a choice
Between sadness and joy

Self-denial is not what I thought
Self-denial is not about sacrifice
It is about choosing joy
And my time for joy has come

The ego part of me in check
The wanderings of my mind ended
My passions in my control
My soul has transcended …

And I will never die