How well do you know you?


How well do you play the role of the observer, not the observed? Are you a human doing or a human being? Are you on auto-pilot, or are you present in this moment called now, fully aware, fully awake and fully conscious?

Have you ever been driving your car with your mind on some other pressing matter, making the same journey you make every day. Then, suddenly you think to yourself “How did I get here?” There were roundabouts, traffic lights, the regular land-marks but you don’t remember passing them today!

Our lives can be like that! We can be too busy doing what we are doing, that we forget who we are. The thing is, when we are fully present we get clear choices as to whether we do the same things, the same way as we always do them, or to take a different route.

Are we just our habits or are we in control of our actions on a moment by moment basis? Ecstasy is knowing who you are and why you are do what you are do!