How To Make Sure Your Plans Succeed


Paralysed Man Walks Again

“Winners make a habit of manufacturing their own positive
expectations in advance of the event.” – Brian Tracy

Do you see yourself as a winner? You are more likely to win if you expect you will! Did you notice that, I didn’t say you would win, I said you are more likely to win, and there is a difference? The one, who expects defeat, draws that defeat nearer to him or her. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot, by giving your opponent (whether it is a person or an experience) the upper hand.

It is the very thought of the expectation that we will succeed which aligns our intentions with the possibility of success. In this life we get what we expect, not what we want! Our reality is based in the thought world, the world of imagination. Everything that ever existed exists now or ever will exist in the human world, originates within the imagination of human beings!

If you can’t imagine winning in the game of life, you’re on a cruising to a bruising! If this is where you are at in your thinking, (After reading these “Daily Insights” so long now I expect it isn’t!) you need to find some evidence that will help you to believe something different about yourself.

If you look back in your life you will see that there are many occasions and many different circumstances where you have won in the past. Instead of remembering all the negative and painful outcomes of your life, remember instead your past triumphs and be certain and know that in this moment you can and will succeed!

For some this will be an alien way of thinking, but it is a must to desire such thinking! So here in this present moment, I know each one of us has a desire to succeed in some given pursuit. The way to make it happen is to start having positive expectations around our long held desires, to stop pussy-footing around and go for gold! See you on the winner’s podium!