How To Have Fun and Success



“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing!” – Dale Carnegie

Think of the long hard slog, nine to five every weekday; or if you were me back in the “day job” 8.30am to around 6pm each day. Many of those days I had the Elvis Costello song: “I’d rather be anywhere else than here today!” going through my head. Was this a recipe for success? I think not! Most days thankfully were a little different, but as I sat at the same desk for two days a week for 7 years and then five days a week for the following 8 years, one word I would not use to describe the experience, was fun!

That’s more than 10 years in the same geographical location; I was earning money to keep my family in the style they were accustomed to. It was drudgery; not all the time but most days I sat there thinking of what else I’d prefer to be doing. As a result of being slightly depressed, I was comfort eating and each year I weighed more than the year before. I was slowly, but surely, heading towards a massive heart attack and an early death, which would have been stress and weight induced.

Then it all changed; I was told that my services were no longer required and I was being “let go.” I think that the shock I got that day was not as great as the one they got when THEY came to tell me (oh yes there was two of them, one playing good cop, the other bad cop) it was time for me to go. I just said “OK” I think they were expecting an argument, but they didn’t get one. I knew financially that this was the worst possible news and yet now at last I would get chance to have fun!

I had longed for many years to become a Life Coach and a couple of years before I was “let go” I had enrolled on a Life Coach Training Course, but had to put it on hold as my Father was terminally ill. Although I didn’t know how I was going to survive financially at that point, I realised that at last now I could be successful and do what I had dreamed of doing since 1996; why was I so sure of my success, because I knew this Dale Carnegie quote and that it was time to have FUN!!!

Keep on keeping on! Love and light from Andrew

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