How To Get Where You’re Going More Quickly


The Wisdom Of Asking

“What separates those who achieve from those who do not is in
direct proportion to one’s ability to ask for help.” – Donald

When you are out driving in your car and you get lost or can’t find the place you are going to, do you stop and ask for directions? By far the majority of men prefer not to admit that they are lost or haven’t got a clue of how to find somewhere!

Asking for help, is not tantamount to weakness but makes the one doing the asking wiser. It also helps us to get where we are going a lot quicker; I know I’ve experienced this from both sides of the equation! Asking is the shortcut, learning from others is a wise move, why make all your own mistakes when you can find someone who is willing to share their insights with you.

Most people will help you if they can; we all like to be able to lessen the load for our fellow human beings and to feel useful. This doesn’t just work in getting where you want to go on the road, but also on the road of life too! Find yourself a mentor,  someone who has walked the path you are now walking before you!

In most cases the mentor will feel privileged to be able to help you and be willing to share with you some of their hard earned  wisdom, often remembering how they were helped back when they  also hadn’t got a clue.

So if you want to achieve anything at all, the best policy is always to ask someone who knows or Google it! Why struggle with making mistake after mistake and wasting your life, when you could make it easy on yourself! Ask!