Hold On To The End


Written and © Copyright 2006
By Andrew Paul Smith 17-05-2006

Don’t focus on the pain
There is nothing there for you to gain
Don’t think about the past
It’s hurt and grief won’t last
You are strong

Your nightmare will be over in a while
It’s not your love that’s standing trial
You’re willingness to remain
Through the clouds and heavy rain
You haven’t cried in vain

Your vulnerability your lack of certainty
But still tenacity, to hold on to the end
Shows a heart so true, why should you be blue
With all the love you hold inside

Its time to walk away each dog has its day
Your spirit has endured and now it is pure
Your life from now on will be
A joy ride that you’re on
The clouds will melt the storm is gone

Focus on the now focus on the how
The universe has its plans for you
Your friends will get you through
You can survive
You will survive
Your love is true