Growth And Contribution



“I like a state of continual becoming, with a goal in front and not behind.” – George Bernard Shaw

As human beings it is our purpose to grow each day! In fact growth is one of the six human needs! When we stop growing, we start dying! In some ways we are like trees because even when a tree is no longer a sapling, or a young tree, it will continue to grow until it dies.

The tree has a job to do, it takes nutrients from the soil and water from the ground; but then whilst it’s alive the tree gives something back, shade, beauty and oxygen! As long as the tree is growing it is able to give; it is already a tree and yet it is still becoming a tree. Its goal is to sustain its life and give something back to the environment.

Whilst we continue to grow and achieve more in our lives, we become more useful and more able to be a blessing to those around us. The goals that we all have are as different as the personalities by which we are known and yet if we are growing we are continually becoming more than we were yesterday.

What specific goal or goals are you personally committed to? I’m not asking you about what you have already achieved in your life; but what comes next for you? Are you in the process of “continually becoming?” What new wisdom do you seek to gain? What new abilities do you intend to master? How do you intend to give back? How do you plan to become a blessing to those around you?

These questions aren’t rhetorical; I’d really love to know! Keep growing my friend, be committed to becoming all you can be and even if your body starts to give up on you in later life, your spirit will be alive and continue to grow!