Find Your Purpose Then You’ll Find Your Passion!

American Trip Apr-May 07 327

 What would you say is the purpose for your life?

“People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going. It’s that simple!” – Earl Nightingale,1921-89, Author “The Strangest Secret”

I’m a people person, I care about everyone that I meet, what will become of them when my interactions with them are at an end? Will their lives be better for having met me, will I have touched them in some way for the good?

As a Life Coach I see part of who I am and what I do being to help people to find their purpose and their passion. So many people seem to me to be living lives of quiet desperation; I’ve stood outside our local shopping mall watching people coming and going and thought to myself – where have the smiles gone?

 I believe we all have talents and that we were all sent here with a purpose. A life coach is a person who can help you to find out what your purpose is, if you really haven’t got a clue, then once you know what it is they can help you to work towards achieving your purpose.

When someone is on purpose in their lives, when what they do every day is what they love doing; then although someone looking in from the outside would say, you’re just like me you’ve got a job. The one on purpose would say it’s really not like work for me; it’s what I love to do. This is how you can become passionate about your life and you can feel fulfilled every day.

This life of purpose, passion and fulfillment is available to everyone. What do you love to do; I believe that is what you were meant to be doing all along! Where do your talents lie, what are you good at? Why aren’t you doing that very thing to earn your keep, what’s stopping you from giving up the drudgery and living your life to the full?

Let a Life Coach help keep you on track, by sharing the tools and strategies that we have, to make your life all you ever dreamed it to be. When you know what your calling in life is, you’ll also know ultimate fulfilment in your life!