Don’t Struggle, Snuggle!

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“The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms!”
– Deut 33:27
“So, humble yourselves under God’s strong hand, and in his own good time he will lift you up. You can throw the whole weight of your anxieties upon him, for you are his personal concern!” – 1 Peter 5: 6-7

Recently, and in different ways, I have been challenged to find a place where I am willing to give up control of my life’s trajectory. In some ways this concept is not alien to me, but in other ways it is. For the first forty years of my life I believed that although we all have freewill nevertheless God is in control of our destiny, and that our life’s path has been mapped out for us. For the last decade and a half I have believed that I am the master of my soul, and the one who control’s my life’s walk.

Far from a “return to base” this challenge I see as the next step towards my maturity and not one where I am going backwards. I came from a place of believing I was a “puppet of the gods” where I had no lasting control over my life. For the past eight years my passion has been about helping people to find a purpose and meaning to their lives which is of their own desire and making. Today I am beginning to see a new way forward, a new way of thinking begin to emerge to me

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Many years ago I read a biographical book about a lady called Corrie Ten Boom. The one part of this story which stood out to me was a scene from York Railway Station. She had been in York on a speaking engagement and felt that she had not yet communicated her message precisely; she hadn’t said what she wanted to say. Then as the train began to leave the station she leaned out of her carriage window and shouted the missing part of her message; it was “Don’t struggle, snuggle!”

I do see a great difference between, on the one hand being a fatalist who believes everything is planned and fixed; and on the other hand being the “master of my own destiny” and responsible for every detail of my life and being at fault every time something doesn’t go perfectly for me! My Dad used to say to me: “You see everything as black and white Andrew; but there are a million shades of grey!” Wise man my Dad! 🙂

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So here’s just one of the multi-coloured possibilities that I am now considering! What if instead of being a fatalist, someone without control, I become a man who surrenders the control I believe I have to a greater power than me? Of course it would depend on whether I believed that the “power” was benign and wanted good things for me or not. So, what if I believed that in some way this power was an extension of me that wanted the same things as me?

My concept of God has been changing in the years since I left the life of the church. I now see God as an all loving, all seeing, all knowing, all powerful and eternal ocean of being from which I have emerged. That although I am not God I am nevertheless a drop from the ocean of God and that I am here to express a part of that being that has not been seen or experienced before. Maybe I should flesh out my belief by trusting that this greater power is at work through me, and for me as well?

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I believe that such a leap of faith is called for in my life today! I believe I no longer need to control the details of my life, but merely to trust in the benign power of the larger me that I was sent here by. It’s time for me (and maybe you) to stop attempting to organise all the outcomes and instead to lean on the everlasting arms and to cast my cares on him because he cares for me; why wouldn’t he after all he is me! Well that is putting the cart before the horse; I should instead say I am part of him!

Faith is the key to what I am saying here; faith to believe my times are in his hands. That I am here to fulfil an earlier destiny which was agreed by both of us (or both of me) before I (the ego/mind of me) emerged from the ocean of God’s desire. To believe that I have moved from fatalism, to first taking control, to now a place of true faith; a place where I now know that, (regardless of what may appear to be happening to onlookers); I am in partnership with the one whose plans will never fail!

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I invite you with me to choose to trust from this moment on, to let go and let god! God is waiting to be the one we trust and that once we do, we will be able to leave the details to him. He cares for us because we are part of him. It is in our souls where we can communicate with him, our minds and our egos will take us away from the peace and certainty that our soul, and our intuition is waiting to give to us. Life, both yours and mine was never meant to be a struggle at the deepest level of our beings, it was meant to be a snuggle!!!

Keep on keeping on! Love and light from Andrew

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