Don’t Quit Too Soon!


Are You Three Feet From Gold? 

“No man is ever whipped until he quits – in his own mind!” – Napoleon Hill

In the early days of my awareness of Personal Development and Self-Help I was passed a number of cassette tapes, which I still have today. Among them were titles by Brian Tracy, Earl Nightingale, Dennis Waitley and a recording of Napoleon Hill’s classic 1937 book “Think and Grow Rich!” I listened many times to these tapes and although Earl Nightingale’s “Strangest Secret Ever Told” sticks in my mind, it was Napoleon Hill’s “Three Feet From Gold” story that challenged me the most.

If you’d like to read the story please follow the link at the end of today’s “Daily Insight.” RU Darby’s Uncle found gold in the gold rush then invested heavily in equipment and despite digging the gold seam soon disappeared and he returned to Williamsburg, Maryland to pay back the debts he amassed for his venture. The lack of knowledge about fault lines in an earthquake zone meant he had left a small fortune of gold in the ground three feet away from where they had been digging.

They later learned that the scrap merchant who had bought their no longer needed land and mining equipment had employed the services of a geologist who had explained that the seam of gold might still be found. RU Darby decided from that day on that he would never quit when people told him no as he asked them to buy life insurance from him. He became one of a small group of men who sold a million dollars of life insurance cover annually in the middle of the 1930’s great depression.

Do you feel “whipped” right now, today? Do you feel like all the plans you have made to achieve in your life have been thwarted? Is all the evidence pointing to the fact that you are a failure and that it’s time to quit? I know I have had many days when I have felt that I must take the advice of friends and family and “get a proper job”; but you see I can’t walk away from my dreams, I will not quit! I know I am near to the gold seam and I will find it and mine it until the end of my days!

To read Napoleon Hill’s “Three Feet From Gold” story going to page eighteen of his book “Think & Grow Rich” by clicking on the link here: