“Success is not measured by what a man accomplishes, but by the opposition he has encountered and the courage with which he has maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.” – Charles Lindbergh

How much courage do you possess? Are you someone who gives up and gives in too easily? Are you easily discouraged when other people “rain on your parade:” if someone tells you your ideas won’t work, do you believe them without first trying out the idea for yourself first?

You must have heard of Aesop’s fable “The Fox and The Grapes? When the fox is unable to reach the grapes himself, he tells
others that they taste sour and are not worth the climb. Sometimes when you are told your ideas won’t work, it could just be a case of “sour grapes” from those attempting to dissuade you from attempting something they failed to achieve.

Overwhelming odds aren’t impossible odds! They are just “overwhelming” for those who allow themselves to be overwhelmed! The salmon that goes back up the stream to lay its eggs has a difficult task to accomplish and yet if it wasn’t successful the salmon would have died out years ago.

Your life and mine display their courage each day by our attitude towards the tasks we have to do. Do we do them with good grace or do we complain all the way? We can know with certainty the level of our own success, when we don’t allow ourselves to be discouraged. When we are willing to struggle against the odds, to face the opposition and yet be quietly confident that our journey will not be in vain!