Count Your Blessings!


Everyday above ground is a great day! So, if you woke up this morning and you didn’t feel a coffin surrounding your mortal form, then you have the gift of life!

My guess is, it’s better than the fact that you’re breathing. You also have a roof over your head, clothes or your back and food in your belly. There are many people blessed with life that don’t have the things we in the west seem to take for granted.

The attitude of gratitude will make whatever problems you might face seem less painful. If you are blessed with good health, and friends and family that love you, surely today (as every other day) should be a day to be thankful for?

Money in the bank sure helps, but if you can wear a smile on your face and hold your head up and realise what blessings already exist in your life, then I am sure there are many more blessings on their way to you now.