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Spread Love


“If you accept that life only gives you back what you first give outwards. Then wouldn’t it make sense to spread love everywhere you go, by the words you speak, the actions you take, the thoughts you think and the feelings that you accept in your heart, and to turn away from every opportunity to be negative?”

Andrew Paul Smith

Universal Constant


“Love is the only universal constant, and the only answer to the world’s problems! We must allow others to have their views on politics and religion, but when it comes to our behaviour, we must find the words and actions that best display love!”

Andrew Paul Smith

Light & Darkness


“We have both darkness and light within us, we need to embrace both! I am coming to realise that forgiveness is more about peace within, and accepting what was, and what is, so we can make the future a place where we love more and learn from our experiences!”

Andrew Paul Smith

Get Up

“Get up every morning with a spring in your step, a joy in your heart and a determination in your soul and then get up every time you fall away from these ideals through the day too and you will be an outstanding success I promise you!”

Andrew Paul Smith

I Am

“I am not my belief system, I am the one who orders my belief system until such time as it no longer serves me, and then I change it!”

Barnabas (aka Andrew Paul Smith)

The Oneness

“We are in the oneness and the ones’s is in us! Our illusion of duality, is an incorrect notion; however, as Einstein said, it is a very persistent one! We belong together, that is why love is the over-riding emotion and the most powerful force we know!”

Andrew Paul Smith