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The Peace That Passes All Understanding


 Do you want inner peace?

“If you want a kinder world, then behave with kindness; if you want a peaceful world, make peace within!” – Dan Millman, Writer and Speaker

The moment of enlightenment is coming to meet you, if you are looking for it! You have a journey to travel, an action plan to make, a destination in mind and yet the route, the steps and the arrival are not as far away as you might think! The journey in all reality is less than two feet or even half a metre, from your head into your heart!

Thinking is good, analysing may help, but letting your ego and your own rationality decide how to act or how to feel moment by moment in your life is a death sentence to inner peace. Many of the problems of our human world are based on how we perceive the actions of others make us feel; and yet neither the actions nor the words of others have no control over us; unless we let them!

In a dualistic world, there has to be good and bad, happy and sad, it’s just the nature of this reality! We have no compulsion to react or even respond to the things people say or do to us. We have a choice at all times as to what we will think, say, do and yes even feel. The question is: “What will best serve us in our lives?” Will it serve us to react to what others say and do, or is being at peace a better choice?

When we go to our own space, get comfortable and sit quietly let all the burdens we carry (and the anxiety that sometimes affects us) fall away; we can then get in touch with our higher self. If we can see the Earth from a distance of space or time and see how insignificant the troubles of our day really are, then we can soon know how we feel at this deeper level about our problems.

The “feeling at a deeper level” is also where our intuition can be recognized and known. When we follow our intuition our lives stop being affected by the egotistical passions and perceptions of unfairness. We are as the mystics say “at peace” and it is this peace which passes all understanding that will lift your life, and the lives of those you spend time with, in a beautiful, compassionate and loving way.

The things we argue about, the actions that people take that upset us at the human level can’t touch us at the deeper spiritual level. It’s a choice that we all have to face every moment of every day to be in touch at the deeper level or not. Will the words and actions of others or the great issues of our day: global warming, rich versus poor, war and violence, hunger, illness, the preservation of our creeds, countries and philosophies animate us to the point of losing our inner peace or not?

I chose inner peace! I am not perfect, I do get swept up in the moment of deep discussion about the fairness’s and unfairness’s of the human world and yet I try to remember I am a spiritual being having a human experience. Inner peace I believe is available to each one of us. I was at my father’s hospital bedside when he died and I came away saying: “If that is death, I am ok with it, it was quite beautiful!”

A moment is coming in the future to all of us, when the struggles and pains of this human life will evaporate, they will no longer be of any consequence whatsoever! The question in my mind is, how will you and I fair in the world to come? Will we be totally out of place, will we not understand life at a deeper level or will we have taken the time to prepare ourselves for the spiritual life where intuition is the fuel the takes us on?


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Making Sure It Never Happens Again

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Making Mistakes and What To Do With Them‎

”It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters!” – Epictetus

I love to be informed! I like watching the news and current affairs programs and yet there is still in my view often a hidden agenda when it comes to some parts of the media. In fact we all put our own spin on what we say, it is impossible for us to be completely objective about the events of our lives whether we are merely discussing some newsworthy story or a recent experience of our own lives.

One of the statements I keep hearing from those investigating a tragedy is that they want us to find a way, to make sure that something so bad like this “never happens again.” It is a desire of our culture to learn from our mistakes, we can all see the wisdom in that. People set up charities to help those being affected with illnesses and life situations that mirror something that has happened to a loved one who has now departed this life.

Part of me wants to believe that these tragedies I hear about, in my insatiable desire to know as much of the evolving human story, will be the last. And yet in my 56 years of life, sadly I can remember when a similar event has been reported in the past. They say that history teaches us one thing above all others that we as a species don’t seem learn much from history.

Well here we are seemingly looking into the void of our own lack of ability as human beings to do anything about the continuing the cycle of sadness and defeat. However, you are reading the musings of “Barnabas the Blogger” here, the self-named “son of encouragement” and so you know that this is not where my thoughts are going to end, don’t you?

My father used to say often “Its two steps forward, one back and although it doesn’t seem like it at times, this is progress!” I want to add to his wise words right now with some of my own: If you are going to make a mistake, don’t be over concerned about making a big one! Your potential of learning a lot in a short space of time will be increased if you do this, and that is a promise!

Do you really want to learn from your mistakes? Do you want to face the struggle and become the butterfly that the hairy grub never seemed likely to become? One day it broke out of the husk of a shell which had imprisoned it and decided to fly away and you can do too and here’s how!!!

Steady now! What you are about to read is as life transforming for you (and society transforming too – because all of us individually make up the whole) as the caterpillar that turned into the gloriously beautiful butterfly! I want to keep you in suspense and expectation just a little longer, so please excuse me waiting till the next paragraph to tell you this little bit of wisdom for today.

Here we go … – … Each one of us in essence are the expression of all the beliefs, rules and values we have adopted, they have become our identity and yet it is also true to say we are a work in progress and until our dying day we have a choice of: if and when to change. We can change in an instant, we can end our bad habits and seek to achieve our highest goals; if we are willing to suffer the pain of breaking those bad habits and transforming and allowing the beauty that we all have inside us, to shine through.

This desire to change, this determination to break through is not for the wimps, to become all you and I can be, it will take all we’ve got! Are you up for such a challenge? The challenge is to review all your beliefs, rules and values, your behaviours and to open them all up to the scrutiny of the question – “Do these attitudes and behaviours help or hinder me in becoming the person I have always wanted to be?”

Getting a Life Coach to help you with this process seems to me to be a must and I would love to be that coach for you! Are you ready to transform and to become an enlightened one? A complimentary thirty minute coaching taster session with me is available, just email me at “info@andrewpaulsmithonline” and put “I want to transform” in the subject box!

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It’s Time To Let Your Light Shine

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The Light That Has Lighted The World

“I’m grateful to anyone, that is happy or ‘free’ for giving me hope while I’m looking to see the light that has lighted the world” – George Harrison

This is the title to a George Harrison song which can be found on his “Living In The Material World” album. The album was inspired by the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita which is the essence of the Vedic teachings. The Gita is something I have been aware of but have not yet researched.

We each carry within us a great light, but sadly we attempt to hide it from the world and more especially from ourselves. By far the majority of us do not want to accept that we are able to shine brightly, we prefer to remain hidden from the crowd and yet each one of us is a star!

There are a few among us that want to be stars; these individuals go about gaining our stardom the wrong way, it can be an ego trip, and it usually ends in tears. There is no need to become a star, when you recognise that you already are one!

We were all placed here to shine our light! As we used to sing in Sunday School, “You in your small corner and I in mine!” What kind of light did that song encourage us to shine? The same one I am referring to here “a pure clear light, like a little candle burning in the night.”

We are beings of light and just like a light bulb which is not yet switched on, when we don’t light up the world it is a darker place and we are unfit for the purpose we were sent here for. We must shine; it is what we were made to do, both you and I must bring our light into the world!

Are you aware of someone whose light has grown dim? Are you able to recognise when people are in the dark? Does your spirit, your higher self not beg you to shine your light so that others can brighten up too? Then it is most certainly simple to know what you and I must do, isn’t it?

There is a sense in which the great spiritual teachers, that we know the names of, have been a light to the world. One of them is sometimes referred to as “The Light of the World” but he himself said:

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others!”

Dearest reader, it is most certainly the time for us all to shine! Have you not noticed how dark things are getting in the human world? We are called to use all of our talents, to be all we were sent here to be, and most of all, to SHINE!”


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Be Inspired!

05b Be Inspired Logo 8JUN13BE INSPIRED!

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see!” – Henry David Thoreau

It had been a while but in early September last year I recorded a new video encouraging people to make a decision to no longer settle for less than an inspired life! I don’t know if you’ve already seen it yet, but I am making it available here on my online blog. Here’s my Video:

Life is supposed to be an adventure, where you are the hero in your own story! You are not here to be cannon fodder, a wage slave or some other automaton of society. I strongly believe that we all have an individual role to play and that we are here to add something to the mix of human life.

What is the part that you are supposed to play? Well before I go any further I must tell you that there is only one person who can decide what your role is; and that my dear friend is you! We all showed up here with our own internal guidance system and many of us have either not used it all our adult lives, or switched it off after a major plan we had didn’t work out!

Anything for a quiet life is not a strategy to employ to get you anywhere! There is no “quiet life” if you acquiesce, there will always be someone who is willing to find you something to do that will benefit them and you will end up with a no hope future, that those who abdicate their own lives and responsibilities deserve.

These are harsh words and yet I am speaking them not just for your own good, but because I believe that if the light you were sent here to shine is put out, then the whole planet becomes a darker place. Lights out is coming soon enough, when we depart this human life our lights will go out, but until then I want you and me to shine as brightly as we can!

Living an inspired and awakened life is for me the only life worth living! I know there are many who prefer to be miserable or believe that there is no end to their suffering and the suffering of others in this life; that there is nothing anyone can do to change things from the way they are! I am just not one of them! I respect people’s right to live their lives the way they want to, but I am sure that if people realised there were options open to them they wouldn’t stay where they are!

I am currently looking to work with three people in my role as a Life Coach, to help build their self-esteem on the way to them achieving goals that maybe they have had for years but never realised. My studies into the subject of Personal Development over the years have inspired me to believe that anyone can fulfil their dreams and desires, if they will commit themselves to a regime constant and never ending improvement.

Why not take me up on my offer of a 30 minute Discovery Session with me as your coach to see if coaching can help you turn your life around and then whether I am the right coach for you. I describe myself as an Inspirational Coach, someone who holds the flag at the top of the hill for you, till you get there and are able to hold it for yourself.

Think of it, by Christmas this year you could have achieved your lifetime ambitions, as I have a thirteen week program already mapped out which I can tailor to your requirements. For more information please e-mail me at and why not join my inspirational mailing list by receiving my free report: “ATTITUDE – THE KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS” by visiting:
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Your Worth As A Human Being Is As Great As Any Other!

“Heroes may not be braver than anyone else. They’re just braver five minutes longer!” – Ronald Reagan

At the beginning of the last football season the sporting press mad much of the transfer of the soccer player Gareth Bale from the London team Spurs (Tottenham Hotspur) to the Spanish team Real Madrid for a record fee in soccer of £86 million. What caught my eye was the amount he was to be paid for his skills to be used in the Real Madrid team, £300,000 a week!

This made me ask the question “How come this man was considered to be worth being paid more than 10 times more in a week than the average person earns in a year?” Average income in the UK in 2013 was around £26,000 a year and after benefits are added to the lowest 5% of incomes those who are receiving them have an income of around £13,000 per annum.

So Gareth is now being paid an amount that is equal to the income of 1,200 of the poorest people in the UK, some of whom will be working a 40 hour week. You may see this as jealousy on my part, or as a rage against the financial rewards system used in our capitalist and consumerist society, but it’s not! I look on in awe at Gareth’s soccer skills, but what does this transaction do to the rest of us?

Is someone’s skills really worth between 500 and 1,200 times what you or I receive. Yes of course there are others who earn at high levels, but by far the majority of us exchange the best and most productive hours of our waking week being paid at the levels I am suggesting here. My rage isn’t against the financial rewards system, but I do feel a massive sadness that as a result of considering this information people may come to the wrong conclusions about themselves and their lives.

Let me tell you here and now, that despite the fact that your skills and income may never reach the dizzy heights of Gareth Bale, your worth as a human being is as great as any other person alive! Until you are willing to accept this as a fact, the chances of your income increasing are negligible. You need to have self-esteem, you need to see yourself and the skills you have as worthwhile and necessary as everyone else.

I am currently looking to work with three people in my role as a Life Coach, to help build their self-esteem on the way to them achieving goals that maybe they have had for years but never realised. My studies into the subject on Personal Development over the years have inspired me to believe that anyone can fulfil their dreams and desires if they will commit themselves to a regime constant and never ending improvement.

Why not take me up on my offer of a 30 minute Discovery Session with me as your coach to see if coaching can help you turn your life around and whether I am the right coach for you. I describe myself as an Inspirational Coach, someone who holds the flag at the top of the hill for you, till you get there and are able to hold it for yourself.

Think of it, by Christmas this year you could have achieved your lifetime ambitions. I have a thirteen session program already mapped out which I can tailor to your needs. For more information please e-mail me at and why not join my inspirational mailing list by receiving a free report “ATTITUDE – THE KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS” by visiting:


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Rediscovering Your Passion


What Animates You? 

“Passion is the genesis of genius!” – Anthony Robbins

Passion is something I most certainly have! I believe that we are all at our best when we let the love and light that is within us to shine through!

There are darker sides to our passion: hate, revenge, bullying to name but three, but that is not the kind of passion I am talking about.

What makes you, you? What animates you and makes you feel alive? Surely it is this passion that we all have, that should not be quenched by fear or lack of belief in ourselves.

Let today be a new beginning ! We need to take this opportunity to rediscover and use our passion for our lives, our loved ones and our world, to make it worthwhile for us to be here.


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Growing Up


 Eavesdropping On My Parents

“Self-disciplined begins with the mastery of your thoughts. If you don’t control what you think, you can’t control what you do!” – Napoleon Hill

I remember late one evening listening from the attic steps where I had my bedroom to the conversation my Dad was having with my Mum which went along these lines.

My Mum said: “Andrew is getting in with the wrong sort of people, I am concerned for him!” My Dad replied “I am not worried about him, we have brought him up well and given him a good example to follow. Andrew is a good lad and I don’t think he will stray from the path we have shown him!”

I listened and looked into my own soul, I saw the concerns for which my Mum had spoken of taking root in my life and I felt the challenge of my Dad’s faith in me as it hit me. His words made me want to be better and in a strange way I think that hearing this conversation between my parents changed the outcome of my life.

Thank you Mum and Dad for everything you both did for me, but thank you especially to my Dad for always believing the best in me would eventually show up! I hope as he looks on from his view-point in heaven that I am making him and my Mum proud of all their love and efforts on my behalf. <3 <3 <3

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One Plural


Although a dozen years have passed, the story of our age just keeps growing in its importance to our time and generation. We hear the story via TV from so many angles, a number of channels on my sky box have been playing back to back documentaries for the last week. Everyone has an opinion, many lives were changed on 9/11 and I for one have avoided speaking about the subject on line apart from a poem I wrote more than nine years ago, but today I want to have my say about this global tragedy.

First let me share the poem I wrote about the events of that sad September morning in New York twelve years ago:

Written and © Copyright 2004
By Andrew Paul Smith 26-06-2004

What do you feel
When looking at Manhattan
As hatred fills the skies

Can you feel hope
Or just adolescent rage
As many people die

Hope cries out now
Vengeance is no answer for
The evil that men do

Now there is love
To be found in the rubble
To pity this world view

The answer has never been
To kill our “enemies”
One thing is always certain
We’re all a part of “me”

You destroy your brothers
When you hate the human race
Love will be the answer
When peace has found its place

So no surprises for you there, if you have read other writings of mine you know I am for peace, love and light but what of my thoughts around the tragedy of nine eleven?


I see two towers, they are twins! The symbol of the World Trade Centre for me represents dualism!

A). War & Peace – There are those who believe in war and those who believe in peace. There are those who believe therefore that might is right, the ones with the best weapons are more likely to win so we need to have the most and the best weapons. Then there are those who believe that when all the killings are over we will still have to sit down and talk about it and make our peace, so why do so many lives have to be torn apart and why should even more fuel for further conflict be created.

B). Conspiracy & Unavoidable Events – There are those who see a hidden agenda in everything and those who do not. The conspiracy theorists tell us that 9/11 was an inside job, that the American government or those who pull its strings to the administration were complicit, as it was with so many other events; the assassination of JFK and Bobby his brother, MLK and even John Lennon. Not to mention the deaths of Diana Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed, etc etc

C). Us & Them – It’s all part of a global story of us and them! There are the controllers and the controlled; the 1% and the 99%; the Judai/Christians and the Arabs; the East and the West. The dichotomies never end or do they? I believe there is an answer to the age old problem of disagreements and the evil that men do to each other and the planet, and the funny thing is I know you dear reader are going to take sides with me or against me on this. It makes me smile!

In some ways I really shouldn’t need to say more than this photograph says.

The photo along with the one that preceded it offers us all the choice between continuing as we are with our unwillingness to live and let live or becoming willing to seek a solution to our problems instead! Surely being able to get along and embrace the dualism that is at the heart of what we speak of as reality, is in all of our interests?

The day after 9/11 a friend of mine wrote a song whose lyric I want to share with you now:

Words and Music Tony Moore September 12, 2001
Written and © Copyright 2001

There is you, standing silent
Looking up – at the sky bent
Out of all shape – Since the day was begun

There is me, in the distance
Just a speck of existence
Yet I can feel – What you feel – In unison

There is nothing between us – smithereens can’t defeat us

We are one plural, facing each other reflected
We are one plural, I am – You are – We’re connected
If you’re in pain – I’m affected

There is us, in the middle
So aware that we’re brittle
Yet we have strength – that defies comparison

There is nothing can reach us – We have love to complete us

We are one plural, facing each other reflected
We are one plural, I am – You are – We’re connected
We are one plural, symmetry made, love perfected
We are one plural, when we embrace – we’re protected
I’m in pain – you’re affected

There are those, who would hurt us
Thinking fear will convert us
But they don’t see, unity is every one


As in Syria right now, there is a possible point of world conflict. A brutal regime is trying to keep control over those who oppose it from within. A watching Western World feeling initially unwilling to repeat the mistakes of the past by attempting to go in and resolve matters with their superior fire power, but now based on the latest atrocities and the use of chemical warfare to kill hundreds of innocents are now feeling honour bound to do something and yet fearful of the consequences.

Then when it comes to the evidence of who committed this atrocity, America and Russia have different culprits and they say categorical proof of who is to blame. The peace of the region and maybe the whole world is at stake. The American President doesn’t seem to be as “gun-ho” as his predecessors were over Iraq and Afghanistan, the British Parliament already voted down the taking of military action, I think the West is a little scared of the consequences. After all we don’t want our civilisation to end up looking like the picture above and yet we can’t just ignore the use of chemical weapons, can we?

9/11 was a great tragedy and although in my mind there is probably more evidence than I would previously have liked to publicly admit for the validity of the conspiracy theorists on the events of September 11, 2001. I am more concerned about finding a way to prevent such things from happening again, than who we need to point the finger of blame at. After all who came off worst as a result of that extremely sad day?


The Syrian conflicted has already claimed 60,000 to 100,00 lives, between 1,500,000 and 2,000,000 have become refugees and almost 4,000,000 have had to leave their homes and are now living in a different part of Syria.

There is no doubt that if this had happened in America, the UK or some European Country the Western World would not have sat idly by and yet doing what the Russians and Chinese have done in the UN Security Council did make sense to me when I heard the Chinese Ambassador to the UK speak on the radio recently. He said something along the lines of “We don’t believe in interfering with the internal conflicts of sovereign nations!”

Do we in the West interfere or do we care? Do you see how easy it is to take opposing views on this and just about anything that happens globally, locally or personally? My answer to all the conflicts and disagreements important and petty has already been revealed in this article, it is simplistic and yet most of the solutions that we find eventually after our great quests as human beings usually are!



So let me repeat what I said earlier; the solution is to “live and let live!” I have some other qualifying statements to make about this, so here goes!


Anything that divides us and brings us into violent conflict is not good for you, for me or for humanity! The human race needs to accept that as wonderfully uplifting a message we have been able to receive from our religions, political theories and philosophies however much they have given us a sense of belonging to a large group of people, it is as if whilst-ever we remain in their power we are children clinging to our mother’s apron strings.


It’s time for the human race to become enlightened and realise that individuality is to be celebrated and that the universality of the desire to express ourselves creatively within the structures that feel most comfortable to us, even though that means we will all want to live our lives slightly different to everyone else and very different to others. If we want to be allowed by others to live our way, then it seems fair to me that the trade-off should be to allow others to do the same.


We belong together and yet we need to be able to express ourselves individually. When someone does something that offends you, celebrate that individuals separateness from you whilst reminding yourself that we ALL belong to each other! As I said this is a simplistic solution, but if you and I put this to work in our lives and be the change we want to see in the world, maybe the likelihood of another September 11th tragedy becomes less likely?


Please forgive the use of my own religious culture past for me to illustrate the deepest longings of my soul today on the anniversary of the 21st Centuries most well-known tragedy and all that has happened since that extremely sad day. Here’s a song and a Bible verse that express hope for a future world of peace that I seek, live and pray for today, the fact that they are Christian in nature tell you of my where I am from, not where I am going in my heart and mind. I am willing for you to live your life your way as long as you do it peacefully and constantly search for peace in your heart because that is where I promise you it is waiting for you and me, in our hearts!

Love and light to you from Andrew  <3

SONGWRITERS: Lyrics: Linda Thompson & Music: David Foster

Do you remember me
I sat upon your knee
I wrote to you with childhood fantasies

Well I’m all grown-up now
And still need help somehow
I’m not a child
But my heart still can dream

So here’s my lifelong wish
My grown-up Christmas list
Not for myself
But for a world in need

No more lives torn apart
That wars would never start
And time would heal all hearts
Everyone would have a friend
And right would always win
And love would never end
This is my grown-up Christmas list

As children we believed
The grandest sight to see
Was something lovely
Wrapped beneath our tree

Well heaven surely knows
That packages and bows
Can never heal a hurting human soul


What is this illusion called
The innocence of youth
Maybe only in our blind belief
Can we ever find the truth


“They will beat their swords into ploughshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore!” Isaiah 2 Verse 4