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Master of Your Destiny


Master Of Your Destiny

Written & © Copyright 2008
By Andrew Paul Smith 05-12-2008

You give your life a meaning
Each and every day
Everything that happens
You see in a certain way

But what if you decided
To examine all your thoughts
To not accept everything
Once upon a time you bought

The stories that they told you
The beliefs of your Mum and Dad
Have helped them through their lifetimes
Made them glad not sad

But you’re a different person
With a new life to live out
So take charge of the process
Of what you say your life’s about

Be aware of what you’re thinking
Know why you believe
Be the master of your destiny
Before it’s time to leave

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Source Energy

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Written and © Copyright 2010
By Andrew Paul Smith 03-09-2010

There’s a common matrix holding things together
According to Max Plank, it’s the way it’s been forever
The universe itself derives from source energy
It’s what makes up everything that we call reality

When you observe the particles that make the atoms work
At the quantum level the laws of physics go berserk
The outcomes that we see on this minute scale
Need a different explanation, the empirical one just fails

There must be a field through which everything resonates
That defies the expectations to which we can relate
And makes the one observing part of the result
It’s the only explanation that isn’t an insult

When we realize we affect the outcome of our lives
We know that we’re creators who decide what will survive
The energy that flows within our reality
Resonates magnetically and is called source energy

Because it comes from the field of infinity possibility
The outcomes of our universe are down to you and me
So focus on the positive expect the good that you desire
Then by faith you’ll find you’re no longer in the mire




Written and © Copyright 2009
By Andrew Paul Smith 21-05-2009

By looking for what’s missing
Your attention goes that way
The focus of your inner eye
Magnifies and stays

Determined and directed
To have the object in view
Unless you gaze away
Your wish will become true

Eagerly desire, let this be your aim
To never let go, till the prize you claim
Know that of a certainty
That you’ll possess the prize
Make sure you never falter
And then it will appear before your eyes

Simple but profound
You can have what you require
Imagination is the tool
To get what you desire

The preview of your life
And of it’s sparkle too
The coming attractions that
Your imagination can bring to you

I’m Grateful


 I’m Grateful

Written & © Copyright 2007
By Andrew Paul Smith 16-04-2007

I’m grateful for my life
I’m grateful for the years
The end to unpleasantness
The end to many tears

I’m thankful for the love
That’s surrounded me always
That’s made me feel so strong
Whatever I’ve had to face

I’m happy and content
For friendship and for trust
For carrying on with self belief
I know it is a must

Whenever challenges came
To myself I have been true
And because of all that’s good
I’m never long term blue

I’m grateful for the past
Thankful for today
Content and happy I am
For all that’s coming my way

Open Your Heart To Love

131111 Open You Heart - APS Quote



Written and © Copyright 2012
By Andrew Paul Smith 11-11-2013

Open your heart to love and let it flow through you
Not as a trickle as it was at first
Or a babbling brook as it became
Or the stream that it is now
But as a river in full flow
Till it reaches the sea of the joy of god

Shine your light
Shine it bright
Make daytime of the darkest night
Shine your light for all to see
Your eternal divinity!

Choose Love

080228 Bradford Trip 010


Written and © Copyright 2012
By Andrew Paul Smith 06-12-2012

Love is all that matters
Love is why we’re here
To love and to be loved
All the rest’s unclear

A life we have to live
But what to leave behind
A smile, some joy, a laugh
But mostly to be kind

The hallmark of our lives
The hours and the days
Should only ever be love
In all we do and say

Your life and also mine
Will one day be judged by this
Did we hate or love
Or was it hit and miss

Choose love every time
When choosing right or kind
And fear you will not know
And hate you’ll never find


On The Road To Awakening

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On The Road To Awakening (A Meditation)

Written and © Copyright 2014
By Andrew Paul Smith 23-01-2014


I want you to take note of the date, time and place where you are reading this article of mine. It is my hope that it will become significant for you, I believe it will, especially if you haven’t already had a moment like this before. Just stop what you were thinking about; maybe make a note of it so that you can return to the cares of your day later without forgetting them. It is my intention to bring you to an “a-ha” moment, a moment of revelation, and then like Archimedes in his bath, you will shout out “Eureka!”

I want you to realise that you are the great designer of your life. You are the one that has been putting all of these experiences together, and unlike what you may have previously thought, none of it was random. Please put your hand on your chest and feel that beating heart of yours. That is what is known by philosophers and spiritual men and women as purpose. You were meant to be here in this moment with me, to enable you to rediscover something you already knew about yourself, and yet it has been hidden from you.

The time for stillness has arrived! The time to let the waters become crystal clear, it’s time for you to gain a fuller perspective on your life. “Think back to when you were a child, Your soul was free, your heart ran wild, Each day was different, and life was a thrill, You knew tomorrow would be better still!” (Larry Norman). It’s time to regain that child-like experience, to know what you knew back then. Your soul is speaking to you; can you hear what is being said?

Religion has often helped people to come to this place, to show people how to reconnect with their soul, but sadly it has been used to help people to be defined as a follower of this or that, rather than to be able you to define yourself. I would like you to consider instead, what would the happy go lucky child, whose love for life and excitement for tomorrow that you once were, make of the person you’ve become? Maybe they would ask you “Where has the thrill of being alive gone?”

It’s time for you to find yourself. It’s time to rediscover your soul; time to see that the purpose of the experience that you call reality, has always been to bring about your own soul’s expectation of heaven on earth; time to realise that most of the things that concern those unconnected with their souls are of little or no consequence whatsoever; it’s time to bring happiness where sadness existed; it’s time to allow yourself to experience joy that is so full that words can’t explain; it’s time for you to experience joy unspeakable.

Just for a few moments let go of all the troubles large and small that have crowded your thinking for far too long; please let them all go. Re-connect with the child-like soul inside you! Have that intention and it will be so. Here in this place of joy unspeakable, the concerns of our thinking seem unimportant, and now it’s possible to feel what life is really all about. It’s time no longer be focus our awareness on what our parents and peers have programmed us to think, but instead to be, maybe for the first time, in touch with how the spiritual oneness feels.

Listen to your soul. Take some time now to reconnect. What questions come to mind? Maybe you’d like to ask your soul, the same life-force that has been engineering all the events of your life to bring you to this present moment “What do you want me to do next?” “What have you been preparing me for?” “How can I use all the experiences of my life to be a blessing to myself, my family, my friends and the whole world?”

Write down all and any answers you receive and come back to this place every day and find what is good for your soul. As you start to think about the world you left behind to approach this moment of awakening, maybe you will find that some of the concerns and problems you wrote down at the beginning of this meditation now seem solvable or insignificant? I believe that having the clarity to enable you to live your life your way, will become a real blessing for you and for those whose lives you touch.




Written and © Copyright 2010
By Andrew Paul Smith 09-09-2010


What do you understand about your life my friend
You were born and you will die
But what’s in between
A gathering of information and experiences too
Relationships with others, then there’s all the things you do

Have you got wisdom, or do you just know facts
Can you remember the journey you’ve taken
Have you got the knack
Of getting where you want to go almost painlessly
Are you already the you, you want to be

    You have the understanding
You do know how to think
You are the survivor
You can return from the brink

Life is for learning, but it’s not a game
It’s not a practice
So do you know why you came
Do you know your purpose here, is that much understood
Are you certain that you’re doing what you really should

Open up your heart and mind, take some time right now
To consider where life’s brought you
The where and why and how
Can you see the direction, where your life is going
Then you’ve got understanding, you’ve arrived at knowing

Move Out Move On


Move Out, Move On

Written and © Copyright 2006
By Andrew Paul Smith 14-03-2006

How long will you sit there
Accepting what live gives
How long before you
Change the way you live
Move out move on
Momentum has begun
You know it’s time
To enjoy the days to come

Will you take control now
It’s time to seize the day
Letting circumstances hurt you
Your power’s ebbed away
Move out move on
Momentum has begun
You know it’s time
To enjoy the days to come

Looking all around you
Feeling innate despair
Trapped by your perception
Nothing will seem fair
Move out move on
Momentum has begun
You know it’s time
To enjoy the days to come

Gotta change your mind set
Know the strength within
You are not a victim
You are going to win
Move out move on
Momentum has begun
You know it’s time
To enjoy the days to come

Make a new beginning
Assert yourself above
All the petty moans and groans
Say you’ve had enough
Move out move on
Momentum has begun
You know it’s time
To enjoy the days to come


Coming Home

york mister


Written & © Copyright 2013
By Andrew Paul Smith 30-11-2013

Steely eyed determination
Has never been enough
The certainty of belief was needed
Before we’d be allowed to touch
The prize that has been sought
And tantalisingly close
Is now within our grasp
As the nightmare gave up its ghost

The story that we wove
As we spun out our own yarns
Sounded oh so good
It had a certain charm
Until we learned and knew
The weave and the weft
Of true belief’s completion
We remained bereft

Outside that ancient building
Put there to inspire
Many generations past
We first knew the desire
We felt the calling to
Go wherever we must go
And yet despite where we stood
Faith wasn’t our home

Although you switched on the lights
Within this heart of mine
The sea where lives are saved
Was not the place or time
Where we could learn the truth
Like the wise men from the east
Following a star
Our eyes still had to see

It took a dream to bring me here
I saw our time had come
In the twinkling of your eye
The journey had been run
As certainty now sunk in
To our lives and spirits
The two of us began
The promise to inherit

With faith as our guide
The knowledge that we will win
Has given to us such certainty
That now we wear a grin
Eureka and aha
The revelation’s known
What was only in our dreams
Will now become our home