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171111 aps

Alone and not alone
Touching but never touched
Inside you and me
In divinity we connect

The image of the one
Reflected here within
Where you and I exist
In perfect harmony

We can see through love
The higher self emerge
From beyond egos shell
And then reveal itself

The me I see in you
Is the eternal spark
Of one I coalesced with
Before all time began

Privileged I am
To share so deep with you
A connection for all time
A friendship oh so true

The Thought That Seperates

171013 aps

Pure consciousness
That is who we all are
Divine essence pulsating
Relocated from afar

Housed in this human form
A temple of illusion
That persuades us that
We live in seclusion

We are taught words and concepts
That give proof to the lie
We are separate from the whole
That we are: you and I

Our minds are tools
…. and yet
They are using us, to become
Less than what we are, instead

Awaken my friend!
You are not your thoughts
You are divinity personified
Not someone who can be taught

In the silence, meditate
Return to source
Be no longer separate
You are not your thoughts


by APS 170919


Oh, joy words can’t express
The love within each one
Which needs to now speak forth
And shine, in light divine

Your life and mine are lost
In empty words that prove
That silence can say far more
From heart, than we in speech impart

Let love communicate in light
The shining of our souls
Let the light illuminate our world
So sure, and ever pure

Be silent and be still
Breathe out and then breathe in
Let the cracks in our humanity
Shine with light, and be so bright

Shine, for of stardust we are made
The glowing embers that we are
Through us let love personified
Let it be, in you and me

What Isn’t Important

APS 170915

The past isn’t important!

It’s a land we can never visit again
Whether it’s filled with joy or pain
Replaying memories is in vain
Today is the sunshine after the rain
It’s in the now that all can change

The future isn’t important!

An undiscovered country to come
The future is a race not run
It may be happy or not much fun
So don’t sit here looking glum
Today is the day to get things done

Philosophy isn’t important!

Debating the ins and outs of things
Which ideas will lose or win
Wasting time on this is a sin
None of it will make you grin
Religion, politics? Don’t let me begin!

Hate and fear aren’t important!

Overcome your fears my friend
And let your hatred come to an end
It’s not the way your time to spend
You’ll reap things you’ll have to mend
Instead of this find love to send

Love is the only important thing!

The past is gone so don’t live there
The future unpromised a sickly pair
Philosophy makes us stand & stare
Hate and fear bring us to despair
But love is important so have a care

Breaking Free From The Past

APS 170912

Every day we face the same choices
And yet we don’t need to choose today
What we chose yesterday

Old familiar patterns are the easiest to follow
Breaking free from our habitual behaviours
Is not easy, yet not impossible to do

Our resolve must be iron clad
With tenacity we must face ourselves
And declare our intention to walk a different way

Success and failure we will win or learn
To choose a different outcome
We must make ourselves act unlike ourselves to be more ourselves

Can you accept the challenge
Will you commit to improve
Will you win the prize you seek

We alone can answer this
To break free of our past
Only ourselves can decide

We must choose
Same old, same old
Or the path to freedom

The Silence Behind The Words

APS 170908

The place where you and I exist
Is way beyond the veil
A place where silence is the key
Because there, words have failed

Without the quietness within
Our words would intersect
And jumble up into one long sound
In a cacophony of disrespect

It’s in the silence we are known
A place where love’s expressed
With listening ears & focussed eyes
Is where we’re truly blessed

In the silence behind the words
We speak, and we’re fully known
When we stop to take a breath
Then, our spirit we have shown

So meet with me in silence
In a place behind the words we say
And let us be more fascinated
In the silence we both display

I Am Transcending (Poem)

170826 by Andrew Paul Smith

I am awakening
It’s not that I was previously unaware
My consciousness is now prevailing
I am transcending

I am at peace
I have been a man whose passions
Have led him in the past
Whose emotions controlled him

I was distraught
Then suddenly calm came to me
Instead of being the calm
I was surrounded by it

I have analysed till my thoughts
Robbed me of my peace
And now as I begin to transcend
The duality is turning into oneness

I am entering a moment of satori
I hope my emotions and mind
Will never take over again
But if they do I will have a choice
Between sadness and joy

Self-denial is not what I thought
Self-denial is not about sacrifice
It is about choosing joy
And my time for joy has come

The ego part of me in check
The wanderings of my mind ended
My passions in my control
My soul has transcended …

And I will never die

How Long Should We Grieve?


It was Mothering Sunday here in the UK, that’s three weeks before Easter, the exact date 6th March 2005, I know in America and Australia “Mother’s Day” is celebrated later in the year. My Mum was here for the weekend, I had collected her on the Friday evening from my home town of Bradford, 50+ miles north of here (Sheffield).

As a family we were still coming to terms with the death, not quite three months earlier, on 14th December 2004 of my Father. As my Dad’s death approached, we had been graciously prepared for it, his illness was progressive and we knew the end was coming. In that time I had written poetry in honour of him, some of which was handed out with the order of service at his funeral.

Before I went to bed that Saturday evening I wrote about, the after effect of, my Dad’s death, a subject I hadn’t written about since before the funeral. Here’s the poem I wrote; in my head I saw it as the lyrics to a song I didn’t have the melody for:

Written and © Copyright 2005
By Andrew Paul Smith 05-03-2005

We’ll the darkness fell as we walked away
And our sadness dawned at the end of the day
Your eyes opened wide
You looked to us, then to the light
As you gazed into eternity
We were right by your side

The emptiness, the loss
In this vale of tears
In the shadow of death
Lie these living years
Your character, your personality
Your “Iron Duke” humanity
This world is a darker place
Without you and the light you shone

Well the days have past, of numbness and grief
Of separation, goodbyes and the tapestry we weave
Our eyes now can see
The image you left, our remembrance of you
We look for inspiration
Into the life we grieve

The emptiness, the loss
In this vale of tears
In the shadow of death
Lie these living years
Your character, your personality
Your “Iron Duke” humanity
This world is a darker place
Without you and the light you shone

Without you, without you
You stay within us, our memories
And still we are without you

Without you, without you
You stay within us, our memories
And yet we are without you

I saw the piece as myself drawing a line under the grieving process, my Mum saw it differently. It was her who had dubbed my Dad, “The Iron Duke” and she must have thought, by the words she spoke, that I had spent the past few months writing poetry about his death, which I hadn’t. I didn’t correct her, but her words to me became poignant later that day.

She said to me “Andrew, you really must stop dwelling on this subject! The poem is beautiful, but you have to move on, your Dad wouldn’t want you to be sad, but instead to live your life to the full!” I took the words to heart, she was speaking out of her own loss of my Dad and her parents, and many others she had loved, who had left this “vale of tears.”

Stunningly after we had eaten such a lovely family meal with my brother and my partner’s parents all of our children and some of their friends present too. My Mum went upstairs to the bathroom, but was never to return to us; she had a massive heart attack and died at the top of the stairs.

There were other things she said to me on that day, which sound like “parting shots” in my memory now; but for me, although her death was a massive shock to us all, her words about my poem made me aware, in no uncertain terms, that she was firmly of the opinion that life is for living and that grieving was something our loved ones didn’t want us to engross ourselves in.

I still miss both my parents, and maybe I am still grieving their loss a little. I do think of them every day, not with sadness, but with great pride for who they were and the massive effect they had on me and hundreds of other people whose lives they touched! There’s is a hard act to follow, but I know I carry both their spirits as I seek to leave this world a better place than when I got here.

In This Vale Of Tears

170622 Andrew Paul Smith


There is blessing everywhere
If you look for it
So much to celebrate
Joy that can be yours
In this vale of tears

Beyond the tragedy
Beyond the cruel reality
There is peace
There is such deep feeling love
In this vale of tears

You can focus on what goes wrong
Or you can choose to see beyond
To see the light
Shining through the cracks created
By the things that torment you
In this vale of tears

So, take some deep breaths
Still your mind, know the truth

That in the depths of your being
There’s is a full and complete answer
That will quiet all the grumblings
And the mumbling of the negative voice in your head
And you can transcend fully
All negativity within this vale of tears



170207 almost sixty

Take me to the beach
Let me breathe in the sea salt air
Let me hear the crashing waves
As I contemplate my life there
Let the wind blow in my face
Let me feel alive
Oh the beach, the beach
Is where I’ll always thrive