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A Passing Thought

180125 aps

Beyond thoughts are feelings
Beyond feelings we exist, just
Our being and our consciousness
Lies behind it all deep within us

Your mind thinks things through
Your heart feels it’s way
And yet you are the soul
That melts them both away

No matter how much thinking
Or how many heart strings pulled
Don’t let these creatures crowd you
Or let your soul being be dulled

Thoughts must not rule the day
Or feelings rule your heart
They were only ever meant to
Expressions from the start

So, turn off your mind and heart
Allow yourself to be
More than a passing thought
And instead fill eternity

It’s Both!

180118 aps

The pleasure and the pain
The laughter and the rain
Losing your mind and staying sane
When you lose and when you gain

It’s both! Life is both!
It’s the balance between the light and dark
The stillness and the dance
The silence and the revelry
Staying safe and taking one more chance

Faith and unbelieving
Loving yourself not at a cost to others
Loving others not at a cost to you
It’s telling lies to make someone happy
Not hiding from the truth

It’s finding peace within
Living in a troubled world
Having a care, but being free
Embrace reality with your flag unfurled

The pleasure and the pain
The laughter and the rain
Losing your mind and staying sane
When you lose and when you gain

It’s both! Life is both!
It’s the balance between the light and dark
The stillness and the dance
The silence and the revelry
Staying safe and taking one more chance

Both together
In separation lies fears and tears
Instead just love …
It’s both

Wall Of Illusion

180118 aps

Are you one of those
Who live and are not yet alive
How would you know
If you are one who lives
Behind a wall of illusion

I believe for what it’s worth
That considering love
In all its depths
Will open your eyes

That you will escape the illusion
And step into the light
Everything will be alright
You will be born from above

The space between us all
Creates the wall
But when you fill the emptiness with love
When you answer the call
You will stand tall … and see

Stop hiding, glimpse the truth
Before you pass away
Yet only you can choose to change

Not to change is too high a price to pay
Love can save the day
Let’s find love, let’s find a way
To step away, from the wall of illusion

Looking For The Light

180116 aps

Why do you live in darkness
A false reality of fools
Look around and within you
Don’t be stubborn like a mule

The light which shines through you
It is sent to end the night
Help you understand the meaning
Forever known by the wise

Maybe you see emptiness
Till the next craze comes along
Till you’re dragged away screaming
Listening to your favourite song

Mania is for the maniacs
Depression for the sad
Yet sitting there inside you
Is the light to make you glad

The inner light is waiting
To shine brightly where you go
And when you find that light
You’ll know all you need to know

Keep Unattached

180114 aps

There’s nothing much we can do
Except to try to keep unattached 
… from the outcomes this world brings to us

It’s not to say we shouldn’t care
For the life that we find here
And love that surrounds us and lies within
Nothing but love matters
So let not your peace be shattered
For we have no control of what happens
In the external world

Why worry about tomorrow
Or dwell on this days sorrows
Or what you had to borrow
All will be well
And peace alone will tell
It’s story in your heart
If you will listen

Breathe out and then breathe in
Let your life renewed begin again
Unattached from your egos desires
Dwell on eternal love
And know you’re the hand inside the glove
That your soul and not your body is your life

Whatever comes your way
Say to yourself “I’ll smile today!”
Unattached from the sorrows in your mind
Live from your spirit and
Eternal life you will inherit
Let yourself be reborn from above

A Whole And Happy Life

180111 aps

Enjoying the simpler things of life
The friends, the smiles, the hugs
The midnight talks, the early hours
The apron strings of love

The happy childhood that was ours
The safety of Mum and Dad
We really didn’t have that much
But we were glad for all we had

The day trips to the seaside
The Yorkshire Dales so sweet
The socials at the chapel
Made our world complete

Our holidays in Sussex
With close friends of the family
How blessed we were in those days
My brother Mark and me

A whole and happy life was ours
We look back and declare
Of all the joy this world can give
We had it all, with more to spare

We’re so grateful for the grounding
Of this simple life of love
It must have been a heavenly gift
Sent to us from above

Precious Moments These

180110 aps


Precious moments these
Don’t let one pass by
Find gratitude in your heart
For time is sure to fly

Carried on your breath
Is the love within your life
The hours soon slip away
As we move toward the light

Accept with joy that is
Regret not what is past
Live in this moment now
Who knows how long it lasts

See the beauty that exists
In this life of yours and mine
Give praise to god above
For the blessings of this time

We can know peace, we’re alive
We should now be pleased
And praise him for his love
For such precious moments these

Pure Spirit

180109 aps


We inhabit this world
In our human form
And yet we are pure spirit

Our souls reside in cages
A body we don’t own
Because we are pure spirit

The pitying cries of ego
I, me, mine are all delirious
Of the fact we are pure spirit

There is peace within
Life is living us, we don’t live it
The joy that’s ours, pure spirit

So breathe and smile, know joy
Your higher powers employ
For you and I are …
Pure spirit

Miracle Morning

171212 aps

Each morning is a miracle arising
The new day ahead unknown
Like virgin snow untrampled
Like the seeds, as yet unsown

As you get up from your slumber
And meet the day ahead
Take a moment to see excitement
Let it swim around your head

For there will be occasions
As this day passes along
Where you will be challenged
By life, to sing your song

In the moments you’re not sure
Of exactly what to do
Then the miracle will happen
As the one revealed is you

You’ll not be on auto-pilot
It’s the moment of true worth
The world will know your presence
For this you came to birth

I wish you a miracle morning
Where cause and effect suspend
For you to see the greatness
Of the “I am” you are, my friend

This Silent Love!

171209 aps

Between silence and love
Our action and inaction
Lies the beauty of the dance
The oscillation of participles
Both the movement and life’s
Of the ever changing universe
And .. the un-changelessness of it all

Love is what makes the dance possible
Without feeling connected to the whole, the oneness
We keep crashing into each other
And hurting each other
We belong safely together
And like the swarms of birds
That fly by the cliffs
We take our place in the dance
Perfectly, passionately expressing
The fullness of our lives, of life …

If you are feeling alone
Silently contemplate how you belong to the wonder of it all
Then spread your wings and fly
Into the expression of perfect love
That is yours and mine
To exist within
And know …
Enjoy the dance of this silent love
Now and always