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The Untroubled Heart Guy


Yesterday I had a life changing conversation, I met with a moment of destiny in which the universe came and first tapped me in the shoulder and then challenged me head on. This student was ready, and the teacher appeared!

As September began I wrote an article about new beginnings. In my mind was the beginning of the new school year, my eldest grandson was starting senior school and I was ready to do things differently myself too. Since then I have added something new to my blog ever day, I do hope that if you have been reading these articles that they have been a blessing to you.

So here we are at the end of the month and in my mind today always reminds me of the day after completing my summer job and having a couple of weeks holiday I started my career at Barclays Bank. Well 43 years later I am starting my new career as “The Guy with the Untroubled Heart!”

I have a plan for how to bring about my legacy, for the message of love I want to leave the world! A clear path has be plotted out ahead of me and I am nailing my colours to the mast as the month ends, this is the first time you will have the opportunity to read these words from me. My book “The Untroubled Heart” will be published in time for Christmas and you’ll be able to pre-order it very soon.

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Choose To Embrace Change!


Many years ago I heard a sermon which celebrated the unchanging nature of God. That you could rely that the divine was to be relied upon, a steadfast rock of certainty on which you and I can build our lives, and the message reminded us how wonderful it is to have friends who no matter how long the time gap between our meetings them are always the same. Today, I want to share with you my thoughts on change.

I believe that if you and I don’t embrace the unfolding nature of the universe and all the possibilities of growth and change, we will miss out so much of the intended experiences of this life! That although the live inside us should remain and grow, we are meant to be changelings forever re-emerging and re-inventing ourselves with both planned and unplanned personal expression.

Religion would have us always locked into prescribe ways of behaviour, but life itself is known for the way it develops. I was brought up in a non-conformist (Methodist) religious background being told to conform to certain rules and behaviours. It makes me smile! Methodists prided themselves in being those who didn’t conform to Roman Catholic or Church of England principles, but they conformed to Methodist ones!

The bible says “Don’t be conformed to this world; but be transformed by the renewal of your mind!” (Romans 12:2) and yet the conformity of Christianity continues! I say choose to embrace change, because in this evolving story of the universe constant change is here to stay! Open yourself up to the possible changing of your views and see your life expand.

It’s going to be exhilarating, exciting and as long as we underpin our lives with ever growing love we will be able to rely upon each other in the changing and unfolding nature of the dualistic nature of our present so called reality!

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Are You A No Limit Soul?


The greatest attribute and the underlying essence of each one of us is love! We are capable of interacting with other individuals at many different levels, but the highest emotion we are capable of expressing to one another is love.

The most wonderful aspect of our ability to love is that there is no limit to the amount of love our souls can contain. It doesn’t matter how full of love we are there is always room for more. We have the ability to grow; the more love we feel for others the larger our souls become!

This is a challenge to us all! Do we want to grow? Do we want to be someone who’s capacity to love in constantly increasing? Or are we happy to be smaller beings who are known for the way we holds grudges and complain about petty differences we observe in others?

Let our hallmark be love, and let us grow into the potential lover of all we know. Let us be beings of the light and not the darkness. Let us desire that love both fills and expands our lives!

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How To Bless The World Every Day


If you were to consider some of the greatest human character traits, I’m sure you’d find it difficult to gather together a more impressive list that the one above. Andy yet, each one of us possess in the potential of our characters all four of them.

Can you think of a time when you have displayed these four? I’m sure you can! So deep within each one of us we possess the very attributes that this world is crying out for!

Maybe instead of troubling ourselves with some of the petty things that demand our time and attention, we should instead considering how to access the best of our humanity and reaching out with it to bless the world each and every day?

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Are You Enjoying Life?


Do you want to have a happy life? Well there’s a way you can have one, it’s called choosing! If you come from a happy state you will experience happiness. Just think of a happy place, one that you can visit now in your minds eye?

OK! Hold that thought, and ask yourself “Why would anyone in their right mind ever choose to concentrate their attention on anything negative, when you can feel this good, so easily?

Hate is a waste of energy, the very energy that was meant to be used for love. If you send love out into the world from your heart, guess what will come back? Well maybe you’ve tried it with hate already and seen the results that gives you?

When you can think of how many times you have won or learned something about life or yourself in the past, why would you choose to waste a moment thinking about the things you regret? It’s so counter-productive and as for fear, forget it, embrace faith instead!

To have a life of fun, choose fun, choose to do things that make you and other people smile! Are you enjoying life? Well if you’re not whatever the circumstances you may find yourself in today, you can choose contentment, peace and go on I dare you, have fun and feel joy!

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We Are Not Alone – We Are All-One!


In the duality, the so called “real world” we are told that at the micro cellular level nothing ever really touches! There is always a distance however small between objects or people! We are alone, individuals walk this path untouching, untouched!

And yet in the quantum world of super-position we are entangled and together! This is the nature of cause and effect in the ceaselessly flowing interactive nature of our universe, everything each one does, affects the whole!

We are all parts of the whole and it is my belief that we are connected at an even deeper level than that! I believe that in essence there is but one reality, and that I call that reality love, some call it god, others source, still others the universe!

At the spiritual level, we not only touch, and are entangled in a creative super existence, but that we are literally all one and it is but the shadow of the ego that separates us!

The ego is like an egg shell, it protects new life, but when we are fully grown we can break out of it and reunite with the essence of all life. I believe one day we will all know and experience we are not alone, but all-one!

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Pure Potential


“Finding Peace in a Troubled World is the name of the “Handle On Life” course I am preparing at the moment. It’s a relationship course to help you relate to yourself better and to find that all elusive inner peace that many are looking for.

I had a wonderful spiritual awakening just over two years ago, when it came home to me at a very deep level that I am not my history, or all the pronouncements people have made about me, that I am the chooser of what makes up my life.

This left me with a problem because if I wasn’t my history, or the one who represents all the things that people have said about me, then who am I? Despite the relief I felt from no longer being type cast, nevertheless it has troubled me ever since.

You see, I couldn’t remember who I was before people told me my identity. I kept thinking about how the stories and observations I tell about my life, seemed to be me, my identity. If I wasn’t that person, of course it freed me, but I was left with a blank.

I am nobody! That was my deduction! If you stripped away all the details, surely there is nothing left? It is only recently, I have realised fully that I am in essence part of the isness, I am divinity personified, I am pure potential and at any moment I can redefine myself.

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The Untroubled Heart


We are told that by some that life is complicated, some go as far has having a mental breakdown, due to being so overwhelmed, but it need not be this way! It’s a matter of focus and how full we fill our minds with our unresolvable (at least in the moment) problems.

We worry about future events that may not ever come to pass, or about the most hurtful things people have said and done to us recently and all of this brings us to a place of desperation, sadness and mental torture; and yet there is a better way!

Right now in this moment as you are reading my words, none of the calamities you are concerned about are happening (and may never take place anyway) and whatever that person said or did is already in the past, NOW is not a time for worry or feeling hurt!

All you need to do in this moment is to breather, go on take some deep breaths and as you do hold onto them for a little while, and as you breath out, breath out as if you were blow your troubles away.  Maybe focus on some swaying trees, a bird, a cloud and we at peace.

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Mystical and Magical


When I used to go to church, even though we were “non-conformist” Methodist, there was a certain way we did things there, some called it a “Hymn Sandwich” there were prayers, a children’s talk, bible readings, the collection and of course the sermon all surrounded by hymns, usually five of them.

I know in other churches the ritual involves what we Methodist’s refer to as “Bells and smells” and “Bowing and Scraping!” Other religions do the same kind of thing, it’s a way of reverencing your material world life and concentrating on the more spiritual side to our nature.

When I left the life of the church I felt so liberated, no more rituals for me! Even the word “ritual” itself seemed as ancient and dead as a graveyard back then. But then I discovered I had my own rituals.

There seems to be comfort in doing things the same way each time we do them. It’s the consistency of repetition that makes us feel secure. It’s a way of getting through the day.

Then I discovered that not only could I sub-consciously create my own rituals, but consciously do so too and add reverence to the process giving them a mystical, magical almost pagan power at least in my mind.

When something has hurt you and the memory of it keeps coming back and haunting you, why not write out on paper your troubles, even find an object related to that time and have a funeral for that time in your life to say goodbye to it. Then follow it with a burial or a bonfire of what you wrote and the object that symbolises that time in your life.

Create your own personal rituals to reconnect you to your power, whatever works for you and live a life that is attached to nothing and in a state of love and grace with everything.

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You Are Magnificent!


On the road to awareness, when you are awaking from your slumber, before your consciousness is fully restored, there are those who will say to you things that sound incredible, but things that you never the less want to believe.

Today, I want to be such a person and remind you how magnificent you are. You are an enlightened being, you don’t need to be enlightened, you just need to remember who you are!

People have pronounced limitations over you and more than likely you are one of them! The truth is, you are unlimited. You need to be still enough for long enough to be able to hear that your heartbeat resonates with the heartbeat of the universe, for you are of the same source.

You are localised as divinity personified and therefore your energy is the same as source energy. You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean in a drop! You are the one that spoke the universe into being, so how can you allow the illusion of so called “reality” hold you back anymore?

Rumi said: “Life is a balance of holding on and letting go!” I say it’s time to hang up your hang ups and go for gold. It’s time to remember who you are and to act accordingly.

Consider your infinite nature and stop playing small! I ask you what would you be doing right now if you embraced what I’ve just said to you? Surely you would be less troubled and more at peace about the large and small events of your life?

Maybe you would see how all that has happened to you and all the things you have been complicit with were all the prelude to some wonderful act of love you were always meant to create in this lifetime!

It’s time to be the unlimited you that you’ve always been!

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