Cast Fear Aside!


There are strange forces at work in each of us. Some days it feels like we might be ripped apart. There are pressures that come to bear upon us; the status quo or growth and life? A world of exciting but uncertain possibilities, or the calm comfort of remaining where we are?

If I run to catch my dreams, I may fall flat on my face, I may become a laughing stock! I am a big fish in a little pool here, and I talk so well about how good I am at this or that. But, to be a small fish in the ocean of ever changing tides, that sounds scary and challenging!

Cast fear aside, I say! Throw yourself into the deep, with faith, hope and love. The whole of creation stands on tiptoe for the sons and daughters of god to be revealed! Let go and let divinity be revealed through you and I! Be here, be now! Be love expanding and expressing itself, be fully you!