Believing In Yourself



“Without Confidence in yourself you will continue to struggle to achieve the things that you want to achieve in your life…the truth is that you most likely won’t even try to attain most of the things you dream of, because if “you don’t try you can’t fail” but the only true failure is the failure to participate in your own life!” – Liz Ivory

You don’t need fixing! All the personal development and self-help materials in the world won’t ever really help you! The reason for this, is that they were written and made for mass consumption. Oh yes, there are many great techniques and insights that are worth knowing about, but none of them are as effective as they make out.

I truly believe that there is a flaw in holding to a philosophy of Personal Improvement, especially if you believe, like I do, that there’s nothing wrong with people.  Perception is a strange thing, the best view of your life is the one you hold within yourself. If accept other people’s observations about you as true you will be sunk!

Rumi said: “Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion!” You may have read an earlier article of mine in which I described each one of us a bucket full of god. In it I suggested that if you take a bucket of water out of the ocean it is still ocean water that it contains, in this context I believe that each one of us is god.

I believe each of us is on a journey. Like the prodigal son in the story Jesus told, we left our home in bliss of heaven, to enter this duality of contrasts, and that through our own personal discovery we become enlightened and return to the peace we knew when we were part of the oneness.

I want you to know, that I believe in you and that my work as your inspirational coach won’t be to fix you, but to help you rediscover the magnificence which is yours. Others may have doubted you, but I believe it’s not important whether those around believe in you or not but it is quintessentially important that you do.

Please email me at and put “HANDLE ON LIFE” is the subject line so I can contact you to speak with you about how I can help you to rediscover the magnificence that you really are. As a personal coach, I tailor my coaching to each individual client and that’s why I’m blessed with the testimonials I have.

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