SFTH 012


“Optimists have all the luck!” – Richard Wilkins

I’m sure you’ve heard it said “In this life we don’t get what we want, we get what we expect!” So, what are you expecting? How do you think today will turn out? Will there be magic? Not just today, but any day in the future of your life?

Like in everything in life, it’s your choice that will determine the outcome! Me personally, I am expecting and looking for magic! Even if it seems to be evasive┬átoday, I know I will see it tomorrow or sometime soon!

Optimism itself is only a lens through which we view the world. Do you focus on life through “rose tinted spectacles” or is all around you doom and gloom. “No!” you might say, “I am a realist, Andrew!” Well how is that working out for you?

I watch children experience awe and beauty and I need no other proof that believing in magic and having a childlike view on the world is a far better thing to do with your life than the long faces I see on people at the local shopping mall.

Choose magic for your life. Choose to focus on possible amazing and wonderful outcomes. Even if they didn’t appear you will be able to enjoy in advance magical events that don’t happen in the way others choose to be fearful and worry about things that don’t!