Becoming The Source Of Good

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In this cause and effect universe that we live in, the causes we set in motion today will eventually become the effects we will receive in our tomorrows down the road. We reap what we sow, karma is nothing more than the consequences of our own actions!

For this reason, the more self-aware we are. the less likely it will become that we’ll sow the seeds of unpleasantness and hardship for ourselves down the line. We need to find ways to make ourselves more aware, more awake, more conscious.

Each time we stumble across a way to attain the identity of the watcher of our own lives, then a little light is shone and the darkness, and implications of those unknowing actions of our lives, is dispelled.

Let the light of self-awareness shine in your life and mine today! May we be those who are sowing actions of love and ones who no longer remain in the darkness of reacting to the events of our lives.

Let us not be one of those hurt people, who hurt people (including ourselves). Let us instead be those who take our time to respond and in so doing become the source of good in our own lives.