Are You Willing To Persevere?

Going The Extra Mile


“The only difference between a success and a failure is that the
successful person is willing to do what the failure is not
willing to do.” – J.R. Ridinger

After we consider how our desire or lack of it  may be separating us from success; then we must look at our willingness to act on our desires. Desire comes before action, but desire which isn’t followed with action has the same negative result as not having any desire at all!

What has to happen before you are willing to take action? Do you need to be bullied, cajoled, encouraged or are you a self starter? Are you willing to make the effort, without having a deadline to meet or an angry boss to contend with? If you desire success and you can also motivate yourself to take immediate action, the route to your success is made so much more likely!

The difference between those who succeed and those who fail may not be a lack of willingness to take action. According to J.R.  Ridinger those who fail may be willing to take some action, but it is the actions that they are not willing to take that separate them from their desired success. We need to take consistent action, both the actions we enjoy and those we don’t, to make sure of our success!