Are You Serious About Your Own Success?


Strategic Planning Brings Us Short term and Long Term Happiness

The path to success is to take massive, determined action.” –
Anthony Robbins

The only way we are going to get where we want to be is by taking the matter totally seriously. First we need to think it through in depth, make a plan, then start to think three and four steps ahead. “If I do this what might happen next?” and “What will my response be?” in each eventuality.

We’ve already talked in the Daily Insights about not being half-hearted in our approach to our dreams, but it’s more than that! We need to have more than inertia; we need massive momentum, a powerful force behind what we do. To bring about the outcome we desire, we will need our full might and strength to be exercised.

The ‘bull in the china shop’ mentality won’t do in the long run. Yes it will make a massive impact, but our determination must be measured and our actions calculated and certain to enhance the exact response we seek.

And in all this strategic planning and execution don’t ever forget that we not only have to be happy when we achieve our goals, we also need to make sure we are happy on the way to their achievement.