Are You Peaceful And Balanced?

What Of Scarcity and Guilt?

Today a fire has engulfed a block of apartments in Kensington in West London. In early observations from fire officers it has been suggested that the fire spread up the side of the building on recently installed cladding, put there to make the building, considered an eyesore, prettier to look at.

Approximately £10 million pounds was spent on renovating the 1974 building which was the home for hundreds of people. Even in these early hours since the tragedy, information has come to light that those responsible were ignoring residents requests that the funding be used to make the building more secure from fire.

I do not know the truth of the statement that sprinkler systems were requested but ignored by the owners of the building. However, it seems to me that society has in someway failed the residents who are now homeless and have lost all their possessions, even if they did escape with their lives.

I believe instead of spending money on making something look nice, a second fire escape and a sprinkler system was a more appropriate way to spend the funds made available; something that appears to have been suggested by residents at the time of the refit and before! What value do we place on human life or housing people more safely and securely?

I believe we need an evolving consciousness that brings us forward from a place where a fearful belief in scarcity leads later to feelings of guilt. We need a find a way to act, so that those who always insist after the point of tragedy, that we will “learn its lessons and get it right next time”, won’t need to say those words again.

This is a time for peacefulness that originates from being connected to the higher self and to the awareness that in fact there is in fact an abundance of all we need. That there really is enough to go around; so that the needs, not the greed, of every man and woman, every boy and girl on the planet can be met. That by an attempt to balance the have’s and the have nots within our meritocracy, we can and we will bring an end to the type of tragedy we are all witnessing today.

It’s a time to be emboldened, to cry out for a new renaissance of society, to end austerity and stop making the poor pay for the mistakes of the rich. It’s time to address the greed that exists within our capitalist system and instead of applauding those who make massive wealth without feeling the responsibility to their fellow man, instead to be revealed for who and what they really are!