Are You Enjoying Life?


Do you want to have a happy life? Well there’s a way you can have one, it’s called choosing! If you come from a happy state you will experience happiness. Just think of a happy place, one that you can visit now in your minds eye?

OK! Hold that thought, and ask yourself “Why would anyone in their right mind ever choose to concentrate their attention on anything negative, when you can feel this good, so easily?

Hate is a waste of energy, the very energy that was meant to be used for love. If you send love out into the world from your heart, guess what will come back? Well maybe you’ve tried it with hate already and seen the results that gives you?

When you can think of how many times you have won or learned something about life or yourself in the past, why would you choose to waste a moment thinking about the things you regret? It’s so counter-productive and as for fear, forget it, embrace faith instead!

To have a life of fun, choose fun, choose to do things that make you and other people smile! Are you enjoying life? Well if you’re not whatever the circumstances you may find yourself in today, you can choose contentment, peace and go on I dare you, have fun and feel joy!

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