Are You A No Limit Soul?


The greatest attribute and the underlying essence of each one of us is love! We are capable of interacting with other individuals at many different levels, but the highest emotion we are capable of expressing to one another is love.

The most wonderful aspect of our ability to love is that there is no limit to the amount of love our souls can contain. It doesn’t matter how full of love we are there is always room for more. We have the ability to grow; the more love we feel for others the larger our souls become!

This is a challenge to us all! Do we want to grow? Do we want to be someone who’s capacity to love in constantly increasing? Or are we happy to be smaller beings who are known for the way we holds grudges and complain about petty differences we observe in others?

Let our hallmark be love, and let us grow into the potential lover of all we know. Let us be beings of the light and not the darkness. Let us desire that love both fills and expands our lives!

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