Almost Sixty


170127 Andrew Paul Smith

Almost sixty and yet unafraid
I’m more than half way through
So thankful I was allowed to stay
To take in wisdom’s view

Tomorrow’s a brand new day
For me to give my all
To love in the moment and display
To walk and run, not crawl

Loving myself and feeling that love
For that love will never end
I am, like you, my own enough
My own everlasting friend

I know my dream is coming true
I will be all I was sent here for
To be a blessing and on cue
Walk through life’s open doors

Inspiring the world along my way
Because of the love in my heart
I will follow my calling every day
Today is a good day to start

Not disobedient to the heavenly vision
I will see it through
And the legacy I leave behind
Enhanced by the beliefs I’ve held true