A Whole And Happy Life

180111 aps

Enjoying the simpler things of life
The friends, the smiles, the hugs
The midnight talks, the early hours
The apron strings of love

The happy childhood that was ours
The safety of Mum and Dad
We really didn’t have that much
But we were glad for all we had

The day trips to the seaside
The Yorkshire Dales so sweet
The socials at the chapel
Made our world complete

Our holidays in Sussex
With close friends of the family
How blessed we were in those days
My brother Mark and me

A whole and happy life was ours
We look back and declare
Of all the joy this world can give
We had it all, with more to spare

We’re so grateful for the grounding
Of this simple life of love
It must have been a heavenly gift
Sent to us from above

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