A Reason For Our Existence (Poem)


Written and © Copyright 2012
By Andrew Paul Smith 04-01-12

For life to have a meaning
For faith to have no doubts
For you and I to love this world
To know what it’s about
First we must be open
To thinking that there may
Be a reason for our existence
And why we came (here) to play

What would make sense about it
This thing called human life
Is if somewhere, sometime, somehow
A God and maybe his wife
Decided to have children
To send them unawares
Into the unknown, but willing
A human life to share

Then God could understand
This life that he (and she) had made
Because they would experience
Infinite potential and then see it fade
Feel passion love and kindness
In flesh and human form
And return then back to spirit
To once more be reborn

For life to have no meaning
For sadness to endure
It’s contemplations madness
And it could only end in war
A fight to the finish
A sickening destiny
Where we all end six feet under
That includes you and me

Existentialism is
A fools paradise
You can get away with anything
If morals aren’t part of life
And yet in human society
All our lives are linked
What I do has an effect
And emptiness is kinked

We all feel the desire
To believe in something more
Than a life that has no meaning
A purpose that’s a bore
So what if God did make
A playground for the soul
What if we are all
Part of one great whole