A Place Of Love


Written and © Copyright 2006
By Andrew Paul Smith 30-10-2006
Arrivals and departures
Coaches, trains and planes
The Station and the airport
A place of love and pain
We greet and meet our loved ones
Say hello and hug and cry
It’s so wonderful to see you
Been too long, how time flies
I’ve watched in joy and sadness
I’ve seen it all go on
Friends reunited and lovers in despair
The height and depth
Of our emotions
All are gathered there
The station or the airport
Is where we show we care
At a time of goodbyes
The silence sometimes deafens
Lovers hug and sigh
“Until we meet again my love
It’s au revoir and not goodbye!”
My thoughts turn to the hospital
Where babes are born and people die
Arrivals and departures
Make us smile and make us cry