My Final Victory


Written & © Copyright 2006
By Andrew Paul Smith 06-05-2006

When we know who we are
Our faults and failings shouldn’t bar
Us from the life we desire
We merely need to change
If we get some outside help
We can work on ourselves
And if needs be we can delve
Into our own personality and rearrange

Myself I know I dream
Then don’t follow through it seems
But if I join a team
They will help me
To stop me having the fate
Of one who procrastinates?
‘Cause I’m sick and tired I just hate
Not becoming what I see

I here and now declare
That I will pay the fare
At last I’ll take the dare
I will complete
Every dream I’ve ever had
I’ll fulfil each phase and fad
Not walk away and be sad
Get in the kitchen and like the heat

I make my statement now
To follow through and how
Before I take my bow
I will become
The one I intended to
Since I realised it’s true
We become what we view
It will be fun

To never give up
To always have a full cup
There’s nothing that will stop
My final victory
I’m determined my minds set
To never ever let
My mind forget
To end this misery