Passion, Purpose, Perseverance


Written by and © Copyright 2006
Andrew Paul Smith 07-04-2006

To experience life in a meaningful way
To know deep contentment at the end of each day
You have to live with passion
You have to care what happens
The meaning that you give to each moment
Must fill you up and make you less blunt

Passion purpose perseverance
To achieve your goals
Means that right in the here and now
In mind body spirit you’re whole

If you have a plan if your direction is pure
If there’s nothing you won’t give then you can be sure
That you have a purpose
That you have a surplus
You’ll know the joy of giving
You’ll be juiced up by living

A decision to never give up what ever comes your way
A wondering searching determination despite what others say
It surely will be noticed your persevering heart
That success will follow you to the end right from the start
You’ll stay the course achieve your goals you’ll be a guidepost to each one
Of how to realise your dreams and know that life is fun