Walking Into Sunlight

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Written by and © Copyright 160321 Andrew Paul Smith

The darkness behind you
The sunrise is here
No longer you worry
No longer you fear
You’re walking in sunlight
The shadows behind
One demand is made
To yourself to be kind

Freedom is yours now
Imagine it’s so
The past is now over
It’s time to glow
Walk on water
So others can see
You’re above your circumstances
You’re finally free

See the beauty within you
You can make waves
You’re the one person
You can surely save
Not a care in the world
As your future complies
To all you desire
And that’s no surprise

You were always able
To choose sun lights path
But the decision’s now made
There’s no going back
Sunlight surrounds you
Vibrant you are
Filled with desires
That will take you far

Splashing through the waves
Of potentiality
Collapsing them all
To the particles you see
Your own quantum journey
Now aware and awake
Your own personal universe
Where you decide your fate